We have selected 27 Superb Examples of Mobile Optimized Mobile Websites and we think that you should definitely take a peek at what we’ve gathered. The mobile phone industry simply exploded in the last decade and there are now approximately 5.9 billion subscribers worldwide. And just to give you a hint, in 2002, there were only 1 billion people who paid constantly a mobile phone bill (The Guardian). Therefore, the figure has risen incredibly! (Almost 6 times in just 10 years).
New demands

As the mobile industry rose, it created new demands (e.g. internet access) and markets (e.g. smartphones). Thus, in the most industrialized countries we are now witnessing that more and more people use their mobile in order to surf the web. For instance, in the UK, in 2011, 71% of the people aged 16 to 24, were using mobile internet (BBC). This in turn has put pressure on various companies to optimize their websites in order to make them more easily navigable for mobile phones.

Insignificant revenue gains

Big clothing & footwear companies such as Ralph Lauren or Timberland were persuaded by the idea that mobile optimization might boost their sells. Unfortunately for them, this didn’t happen, mainly because an overwhelming majority of people use mobile internet either for fun or for business related purposes (such as searching information, reading news, sending e-mails etc.). So, it’s still a long road until at least a plurality of people will be buying stuff by using their phones!
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