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A few things about us

Neat Designs has a reputation for delivering top design related content. Alongside the now classic round-ups & lists, you’ll find quality and catchy analyses such as How Apple’s Marketing Revolution Began – 80 Vintage Ads  or some hot and useful tips (click here).

As we believe in the importance of ones reputation, you can read here about how our website is viewed by the graphic designers’ community.


Some statistics

Neat Designs was founded 7 months ago. Since then, it has seen its community expand and its unique visitors and pageviews (impressions) constantly increasing. We are probably one of the most fast growing communities in our field.

Our current page rank is 3. This is expected to increase to 4 or 5 with the next update. Furthermore, our organic traffic from Google now stands at 47% from the total traffic. That means that we are less dependent on social media and other websites for promoting ourselves. We think that we have a huge potential for growth and a great ROI.

Advertising services

We are now offering a diversity of advertising services including a dedicated section in the sidebar. Furthermore, we respect our community and we will use advertisement only to a limited extent, so that our viewers can have a fully enjoyable experience on Neat Designs. You can get in touch with us by using the contact form located in the menu. Cheers!