We have gathered 25 Must See Campaign Awareness Ads and I’m sure that you’ll find them great too. From my point of view, these types of campaigns rarely reach their target and in order to do so, they really need to shock.  I mean who didn’t saw a movie, read a book that changed their perception about how to leave their lives?  I’m sure that many of you. What have you done? Well, almost nothing.  So, if an awareness ad campaign isn’t followed by other concrete actions, than it’s doomed to be forgotten in a couple of days.

Now, below you’ll see some creative awareness ads that are easy to understand and send a powerful message that sticks into the viewers’ head.  The campaigns cover a range of issues from global warming, animals, children abuse, Aids to Diseases such as Alzheimer. Of course, besides those already popular, you’ll find some less main stream ones. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Save Our Rainforest. Stop Global Warming.




For some people, life is that expensive.

Join us at bassma.org and lend a helping hand.



WWF: Lungs

Before it’s too late.



Prague 7 Municipality: For clean parks

Shit is not a cool brand. Clean up after your dog.



Greenpeace: Last call for global warming




Don’t talk while he drives




Greenpeace: Last call for global warming



Do your children really know who likes their posts?




What will it take before we respect the planet?




Texting while you drive will end badly. Don’t.




Non Profit Awareness: Say no to fur




Alzheimer’s New Zealand: Eraser USB stick




Gamblers Anonymous Brazil: House

The more you play, the more you lose.




New Bastyushka

public awareness campaign educating young people about their rights and encouraging them to take civic action.




Child abuse awareness: Chips




You can’t protect your crops from hail. But you can insure them.




AIDS awareness




Adesf Smoking Awareness

Your body is your home. Don’t smoke.




Missing Children: Tree

For the ones that came back and for the ones we are still searching.



Save the Children

 Above: My mom’s going to kill me.
    Middle: My mom’s going to kill me.
    Below: One condom… saves both lives.




The human hand isn’t always creative.

Sometimes it destroys… The polar ice caps are melting. We can all do something to slow down global warming. It’s in our hand to save the planet.



Nobilin: Target Heavy Food



Save the Rhino: Springbok