We have gathered 18 Cool Take Away Package Designs and we think that they will not only raise your appetite, but your creativeness as well.  Take Away has now become a common practice, most of us being too busy or too tired to cook for ourselves. Not to mention the lack of cooking skills.

Now, below you’ll see some really awesome take away box designs, one even designed by Lenny Kravitz! What has Lenny Kravitz got to do with take away packages? Well, apparently he has recently discovered that his artistic part has a lot of sides. And it doesn’t come cheap! The box costs 57$! Setting aside Lenny, there also some great sushi boxes and even a beer pack. So, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Sushi box by Lenny Kravitz (57$)



Sushi Shop NYC



Helen Maria Bäckström


Primi Piatti – Take Away

Black Sheep Design Studio



LT Burger

Mark Brooks



Brown Eggs (Concept)

Sarah Machicado



Good To Go

Tal Marco




Parsons Paris workshop

Paul Vickers




Felix Lobelius





Helen Maria Bäckström



The Takeaway Box




Ashwin, The Bertie Agency




Take away

Ana Gabriela Castane




Take Away

Sofia Bastos



Take Away Beer

Ivan Maximov



FUNE Sushi Takeaway


Gerlinde Gruber




Shis Sushi Take Away





 Tacos & Tequila





Moses Delivery

Tomer Zakai



Ecological Take Away