We’ve gathered 31 Unique & Beautiful Architectural House Designs and we think that you’ll simply love what you’ll see.  Articles on architectural designs are rare for us, plus this is our first article on the topic and we think that it will come as a beautiful surprise for all of you.

Now, we all dream of having a house of our own one day.  For instance, although the costs and the workload are lower for an apartment, nothing compares of having your lawn and a space where you can make as much noise as you can (with some exceptions of course).  Below, you’ll see some unique houses from all cross the globe: USA, Peru, Australia, Colombia, Sweden, Mexico, China and so forth. Practically, we managed to cover almost all the continents. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

P.S. You would probably like to see Beautiful Modern Architecture Examples From Brazil and Argentina.

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 Green Facade House in Austria








Dream Residential House in Perth


Two parallel volumes house in Cerro Azul, Peru




Interesting architectural house in Sydney by Innovarchi




Amazing Tea House in Shanghai



Contemporary residence located in Stockholm



Lovely Glass Facade House Featuring A Solid Style




The Nettleton 199 Beach Living House in Cape Town


House with 72 solar panels integrated



Mixture of styles in the centre of Ghent




Contemporary Sunset Residence in Singapore




Small guest residence in the trees






Three bedroom contemporary residence in Mexico City




 Contemporary house is located in Lima, Peru




Family residence with two seperate entrances





Modern dwelling surrounded by grass and beautiful trees




River contemporary Hind house near Wargrave




Minimalist Troia House in Portugal



Concrete facade residence




Casa Luz



Single family prefab home located in Kirkland



Orange House With Amazing Stairs Designed by Yazgan



Two-storey contemporary home in Colombia




Modern beach pool house in Australia





Modern house in Portugal by Rui Grazina




River Bank REsidence along the Gallatin River



River Bank REsidence along the Gallatin River



Amazing House  From Christopher Polly Architect






Eight-storey residence in Senri




Modern and Traditional Potxonea House by OS3 Arkitektura



The Richard Kirk Architect Residence Project



The Richard Kirk Architect Residence Project




White single-storey residence in Teshima, Japan