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31 Unique & Beautiful Architectural House Designs


We all dream of having a unique house one day. Whether it’s a small bungalow or a mansion, we all want our homes to stand out from the rest. And while some people are content with a traditional home design, others want a unique house design.

For those of you who fall into the latter category, we’ve compiled a list of 31 unique house designs from all over the world. From the USA to Peru, Australia, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, these beautiful unique houses are sure to turn heads and get people talking.

So if you’re looking for something different than the cookie-cutter homes on your block, take a look at these unique houses and start dreaming about your perfect homestead. Who knows, maybe one of these unique house designs will be yours one day!


Green Facade Unique Design House in Austria

The exterior stairs are at impossible angles, the walls are AstroTurfed, and the window frames are put on top of other window frames. Although it appears to be a surrealist art work, this quiet Austrian village of Laufnitzdorf is actually home to a farmer and his family.

Albert Ortis and Reinhold Weichlbauer, a Frohnleiten-based architectural duo with an unconventional design philosophy they refer to as “freestyle planning,” are the creators of The Green House.

unique design house

The basement, ground level, and first floor of this unique house design are all divided into concrete boxes, and the entry is situated adjacent to the lower-level carport. Apart from a glass door at the top of a conventional staircase that looks out over a steep drop, the interior of this unique home architecture is a vision of domestic joy, with light, spacious rooms that can fit a family of five. According to Ortis, “the home is still a part of the farm.” They are working with sheep, cattle, and other animals there. The striking house blends in with its lush surroundings thanks to its AstroTurf coating, which functions as camouflage. But there’s no news yet on what the goats think of those staircases that lead nowhere.


Dream Residential Unique House Design in Perth, Australia

The next structure is a two-story, single-family home that occupies 400 square meters. Paul Burnham used a suburban design when he created the house in 2009 on Rosser Street in Perth, Australia (population: 6159).

The house’s entrance is made by some magnificent steps that lead directly to the living room and has the shape of a half pyramid. The upper store has a balcony and is an almost exact reproduction of the lower one.


Two parallel volumes house in Cerro Azul, Peru

You get a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean from the windows of this unique design house, and you also have a panoramic view of the beach to the east and north. Making the most of the available acreage and maximizing the ocean view, particularly from the hosts’ bedroom, were two of the project’s primary goals.


Interesting unique home architecture in Sydney by Innovarchi

This house has an extraordinary ox blood red paint job. The front rooms are original in terms of shape and decoration, but they are once again distinguished by vibrant colors.

Exuberant folds of superbly crafted copper cover the entire rear wing. It offers a dining area, a kitchen, a laundry room, a study, and a storage shed altogether. The study/guest room is an additional space supplied, and the extension replaces a number of earlier, more impromptu constructions that served similar purposes. However, instead of being distant, untidy afterthoughts that ate into the garden in the past, these additions now meld together to form a wide north and east-facing deck and a folding, twisting southern boundary “wall.”

Visually, the garden of this house goes past the block’s boundary fences


Amazing Tea House in Shanghai

This beautiful house design responds to the surroundings of the site; the layout of the plan is a logically ambiguous quadrilateral, maximizing the available space. It is split into three sections. With a library on the first floor and a tiny triangular balcony extending around the existing tree, a covered public area is created toward the open space with the pool. There are also other, more private areas including a lounge, reading room, and service room located at the back of the building.

Contemporary unique design house located in Stockholm, Sweden

The low-slung summer house’s distinctively Swedish design invites residents to take advantage of Scandinavia’s lengthy summer nights. The building approach was created to be relatively straightforward and logical due to the challenges of getting to the construction site.

A completely maintenance-free facade was made by letting the untreated pine panel air and mature naturally. The pine has been left unfinished both inside and out in the traditional Scandinavian manner of embracing the variations brought about by the natural aging of wood.

Sweden’s cool northern light is utilized in this long, narrow house with glazing running the length of the front and rear.

Lovely Glass Facade House Featuring A Solid Style (Iceland)

The facade of this unique design house features linear concrete principles, but the curved, slanted wood wall creates contrast, much like Iceland’s forests and rocks do. Beautiful glass walls provide breathtaking views of the home’s surroundings.

The balcony and patio area, which are covered in black stone, give residents a space to relax during the warmer months. The slate floors and cabinets inside provide visitors with even more stunning features to admire.


The Nettleton 199 Beach Living House in Cape Town

The four well-known Clifton beaches and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean are visible from this villa in an unhindered, panoramic view. This mansion is known for its magnificent 6 meter double volume area. The unobstructed views of the sea and mountains in the distance, as well as the breathtaking sunset skies, make this location a genuinely dynamic open space. From your lavish private den, which is furnished with a liberal mixture of marble, stone, and wood, you can observe the waves crashing on the rocks of Clifton’s 4th Beach.

House with 72 solar panels integrated in the Netherlands

In this unique design house, functionality and architecture work in a unique synergy. In addition to being visually stunning, this boathouse is also incredibly sturdy. There are integrated 72 solar panels in the corner volume. 1385 electric boats may be charged using these panels. The “electric boathouse” was the first structure in the Netherlands where architecture and electric boats are combined as a single entity.

Mixture of beautiful unique houses in the center of Ghent, Belgium

The home was finished in 2011 and has a total floor area of 89 square meters (958 square feet).

The structure has a contemporary, minimalist exterior that carries through into the interior. The architects reduced the thickness of the outside sheeting since there was a certain limited amount of floor space.

PVC film that is 2 mm thick covers the whole exterior of the house.


Contemporary Beautiful house design in Singapore

This private family home is a stunning and subtle example of custom, holistic architecture. The unassuming entrance façade softly beckons you inside into a gorgeous pool area, revealing the building’s U-shaped layout. With this design, the pool area can be seen from almost every room in the home, and there is great airflow thanks to the full-height sliding glass and louver doors. The orientation of the homes to take full use of the day and nighttime prevailing breezes aids with this.


Small guest unique design house in the trees in Florida

The architecture is meant to imply an organic one that is influenced by and reflective of its surroundings.
For their capacity to enclose the construction around the space, glulam beams were chosen.

The boundary between wall and roof is muddled by the laminated pine beams that bend throughout the entire area. Consequently, the building is open to the east and west but substantial and private to the north.


Three-bedroom contemporary residence in Mexico City

In Mexico City’s Bosques de las Lomas district, a 4,844 square foot unique design house with glass walls and an open floor plan pays respect to the stark and the industrial. It has polished concrete flooring, tempered glass exterior walls, and exposed rafters. Grass, plants, and sturdy ficus trees line the perimeter of the elegant building.

Contemporary house is located in Lima, Peru

2,786 square feet (258.9 square meters) of contemporary architecture make up the residence. The primary determinant of this beautiful house’s design and shape was that it had to be constructed on a longitudinal plot. The majority of the rooms of this unique design house face the pool, the street, or the homes next door because of the property’s positioning and orientation. Building it on this plot proved to be difficult. However, the designers were able to create a plan that makes use of the area. A contemporary two-story home with a total living area of 258.90 square meters was the end result. The floor space on each level is different.


Family residence with two separate entrances in Germany

Two autonomous unique houses designs are connected by a shared, fully glass garden level with dining and living facilities. Each house has a master bedroom, bath, and study. The structure is a replica of the clients’ current home on the same property, but with a layout modified for future need. Formally based on the same language, but with separate dialects that fit the inhabitants’ lifestyles, the two houses are shaped like distinct buildings.


Modern dwelling surrounded by grass and beautiful trees in Austria

Two cubes stacked on top of one another are used in the architectural solution to create a unique house design. They have a delicate aspect that suggests lightness in contrast to the size and the material choice, which is “heavy exposed concrete.

There are primarily two types of materials utilized: an immaterial white for the ceilings and walls and the dark wood from smoked oak, which is also used to make window and door frames and shape the floors. Due to the entrance’s emulation of the building’s exterior form, the spatial layout is readily apparent.

A cross-shaped corridor arrangement can be seen on two levels, starting with the entrance at the orthogonal junction of the ground floor and upper story one floor up.

A cross-shaped corridor arrangement can be seen on two levels, starting with the entrance at the orthogonal junction of the ground floor and upper story one floor up. The dining room, which extends into the garden in line with the upper story that protrudes out of the structure one storey above, serves as a decorative element for the living quarters on the ground floor that have views of the garden.


River contemporary Hind house near Wargrave, United Kingdom

The living area, the guest area, and the private area are each given their own space in this beautiful house design. The home includes three distinct wings, each serving a different purpose. The home was elevated on columns to prevent flooding from the river due to its location near the London river. A metal staircase leading to an open, timber-lined hood serves as the entrance to the home. There is a central hall that serves as the day room when you enter.
A balcony is also accessible via stairs.  This area is designated for outdoor living and leads to a sizable deck.


Minimalist Troia Unique Design House in Portugal

As a result of the play between two volumes and their multiplication and division, where the ratio and metrics delineate the interior and outside space, this single-family, two-story Tróia house demonstrates formal and material sobriety.

Concrete facade residence

Each component of this unique home architecture is intended to be contrasted by the material palette. The house’s stone-covered structural features contrast with the windows’ lightness, the concrete’s sober texture, and the soft white walls’ interior finishes. The white concrete block walls of the house’s structure are supported by concrete and metal beams.

The volumetry of the rooms is designed to enhance the view of the surrounding nature while opening both of them to the outside and creating a sense of intimacy.


Casa Luz, Guatemala

This beautiful house design, which is in a condo in Guatemala City, aims to establish a sense of individuality and a close connection with the outdoors.

By using floor-to-ceiling windows, it is possible to completely open the openings of the room, transforming it into a balcony. This is feasible because the design of the window frames explores potential to open spaces as much as possible. Existing vegetation was conserved so that you could see the faces and relationships of the existing trees when you opened the windows.

Single family prefab home located in Kirkland, Washington, USA

This prefab house has two parking spaces and offices above. A 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath open plan home that is stylish, strong, colorful, and enjoyable can host a busy family of five plus pets.

Orange Unique Design House With Amazing Stairs in Ankara, Turkey

Five distinct rectangular volumes make up the structure of this unique home architecture, which are joined together by glass curtain walls. The proportions of the volumes adhere to this dimensioning because the building has a grid structure with a dimensioning of 60 cm x 60 cm. Aqua panels, which are cement-based materials wrapped in glass fiber mesh, are used to construct these volumes. Orange plastic paint, which was used to color the aqua panels, does not fade away even when exposed to strong summer sun. The volumes’ inside and exterior walls are both painted orange. As a result, the interior rooms maintain the orange color of the exterior façade.

Two-storey contemporary unique house design in Colombia

The combination of nature (twist, light, water, vegetation) as elements that bring us closer to nature is highlighted in this house built on a plot of 800 square meters. The erotic character of strong lines, large windows, sliding entryways, and metal structures creates a sense of unrestrained liberty. There are no pointless decorations, and the coloring on floors, dividers, and roofs is all white.


Modern beach pool house in Australia

With auxiliary areas arranged around a central, private, north-facing, double-height indoor room with a raised swimming pool at its northeastern edge, this beach house offers a variety of settings to spend quality time with family, unwind, and create lasting vacation memories. The intimate scale of the upholstered corner window seat ‘boxes’ in each high-level bedroom allows for enjoyment of the northern sunlight, which is reflected off the water and plays on the ceilings and walls of the surrounding areas.
A high-level “green screen” made of timber and stainless steel wire runs the length of this beautiful house design’s long North Eastern border, supporting a coastal vine that filters light and creates intricate patterns of light and shadow.


Modern house in Portugal by Rui Grazina

River Bank Unique Design House along the Gallatin River in Montana, United States

The layout of the house was intended to foster an airy, relaxed atmosphere with a strong connection to nature. Big sections of glass in the living room are shaded by the room’s large roof in the summer, and geothermal heat pumps and thick insulation make the space warm and energy-efficient in the winter.


Beautiful House Design From Christopher Polly Architect, Sydney, Australia


The upper living room offers an evening space for relaxation, separation from utilities, and enjoyment of district views, while the ground floor area serves as a day space for meal preparation, dining, and extensive enjoyment of the rear gardens. A third flexible bedroom offers flexibility for future use as a study.


Eight-storey residence in Senri

Modern and Traditional Potxonea House by OS3 Arkitektura in Spain, Basque Country

This house had been vacant for many years and was in bad structural condition. The building’s new design includes a new façade that widened its openings and allowed natural light to flood the building’s northern side.

The Richard Kirk Architect Residence Project in Queensland, Australia

This modern home’s interior and exterior are seamlessly connected thanks to the use of a limited material palette throughout. Materials are typically zinc, self-finished oxide renders, and wood that are allowed to weather naturally. This allows the dwellings to blend into the landscape and reduces the need for applied finishes overall.


White single-storey residence in Teshima, Japan

This house from Japan finishes or round-up of unique houses designs. In order to prevent the redevelopment from changing the neighborhood’s streetscape, the house’s outside walls were left alone. A courtyard was rebuilt using materials including wood, plaster, and stones with various aesthetic tones to replace the deteriorating Japanese-style roof. A modernized lounge and a sizable white terrace are also included.