George Lois is unquestionably an Advertising Legend of the 1960s. Loving Don Draper from Mad Men? Well, his character is not even closer to what Lois represented for the industry 40 or 50 year ago. In the words of Business Week Magazine: “Every industry has its stars, and in the world of advertising, George Lois is a Supernova, the original Mr. Big Idea. Since the 50s he’s had a titanic influence of world culture”. If you think that this view might be biased, then you should read what New York Times had written “pioneer, inventor, is an advertising genius…Superman of Madison Garden…America’s master communicator

And there are tons of other praises. And looking at what he has accomplished for the Esquire Magazine, then you would have to agree that he has played an important role into sparkling the Advertising Revolution of the 1960s. Below, you’ll have the pleasure to see 27 of his best cover designs for Esquire.

Lois was hired in 1962 and for a decade he had given the world over 92 superb covers.  His most famous work was undisputable Andy Warhol drowning in his own soup, followed by some impressive covers of Muhammad Ali (for example, the brilliant The Passion of Ali). Furthermore, what Lois has achieved is even more stunning as it done it so, without using digital programmes such as PS. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Andy Warhol Drowns in his own soup (1969)




That’s our Hitler! (1965)





Why Can’t a woman be more like a man (1965)





How I taught Nixon to Use make up and become president (1968)





The Passion of Muhammand Ali (1968)





The new American woman: through at 21 (1967)





Kennedy Without tears  (1964)





The angel cohn (1968)




Apotheosis (1966)




The Balls of Truman Capote (1967)





The shock of the nude (1969)





the kids vs the pigs (1969)




Little big man (1970)




The face of a hero (1965)




Gods and gladiators (1965)





In defense of Cassius Clay (1966)




Ruby kills Oswald (1967)





The 1968 Democratic Convention Chicago





Jack Nicholson (1972)





12 Angry Men and no-show (1969)





The Dummy on Lyndon’s Knee (1966)




The campus warrior (1967)





Sir Lancelot he’s not (1965)




The Beautiful people (1968)




Honor Thy Father (1971)





YO! (1968)




Joe DiMaggio (1966)


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