We have gathered 28 Cool & Inspirational Magazine Designs and I’m sure that you’ll be pleased to see so many great covers and layouts in one place. During the past 2-3 years, the print versions of various written works have continued their steady decline, and now most people prefer to read online. One of the main reasons for that is because the internet still provides us with millions of pages  of news and information at a cost of a couple of burgers/month. Extremely cheap, right?

Nevertheless, that doesn’t discourage investors to finance awesome magazine covers. There is still a strong demand for graphic designers capable of producing high quality covers and layouts. Therefore, below you’ll see some of the latest trends (that means a somehow preference towards clean and minimally designed magazines). Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Obrigado Magazine

Ben Johnston



MILK Graphic Design Magazine



Raewyn Brandon



D&AD Little White Lies

Robert Baughan



TEASER magazine



Carsten Witte







Krister Lima








Yorokobu Magazine


Vicente Garcia Morillo



Designnet Magazine Cover

Youngha Park



MUST  magazine



Elena Bonanomi



L.A. Les Ambassadeurs Magazine








Nicolas Zentner



JOIA Magazine

Grzegorz Domaradzki



Lados Magazine

Pablo Abad





Ben Dalrymple






Andrew Brawl



Upstreet Magazine


The Design Surgery



Bleu Magazine



Squat Design




Mauro Lorenzo



GO magazine





Art Direction: Computer Arts Projects Covers









Alan Wardle