We have gathered 26 Vintage Beer Ads That Will Make You Thirsty and I think that you’ll appreciate our selection. Since its invention by the Egyptians more than 4000 years ago, beer went through a continuous process of refining and in the past century of marketization.

Now, below you’ll see a diversity of brands that encompass some of the best beer vintage ads ever created.  From Schlitz, Budweiser, Guinness, to Dow or Molson.  There are no less than 10 Schlitz ads and they all have a great subtle sense of humor. As we previous wrote 2 articles that contained a massive collection of Budweiser vintage ads (70!) we decided to include only 2. today. So, some really powerful brands and ads here. Therefore, you should make sure the scroll carefully and read all the slogans! They are totally worth it! Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Schlitz -That man! He’s done it again! (1950)



Cooking with beer (1959)



Schlitz (1951)



Grain Belt (1970s)



Schlitz – Everyone voted for it! (1941)



Colt 45 (1960s)



Guiness (1947)




Colt 45 (1969)



Pabst Blue Ribbon (1956)



Schlitz -Watch out, you’ll drop it! (1950)



Acme – The beer with the high IQ (1940s)



Schlitz & Monopoly (1960s)



Schlitz (1960s)



Dow (1953)



Palle Alle (1950s)




Schlitz (1957)



Guiness (1950s)



Budweiser (1949)



Colt 45 (1960s)



Schlitz during WW2 (1944)



Budweiser (1934)



Schlitz – I was Curious (1950)



Schlitz (1960s)



Pabst Blue Ribbon (1956)



“Old friends appreciate young beer” (1940S)



Falstaff- Serve Your Guests a Giant Beer! (1955)