We have gathered a collection of 25 Funny Postcards that are guaranteed to make you smile. Although postcards were created with the intention of sending an image to your love ones when you were making a trip in a place they’ve never seen before, nowadays you usually bring the postcards with you and “deliver” them yourself. In addition, they are very cheap now and they are usually worth the money.  If you think that postcards are nonsense, just imagine that the internet and Wikipedia didn’t exist 2 decades ago, so people didn’t know for example how Rome looked until they bought an Encyclopedia or received a postcard.

Now, printing postcards has become very popular these days as they gave you the possibility of putting your own image on a card. Therefore, postcards have become highly customizable.

In this article, you’ll see postcards that are black and white, that represent nature, toys, animals, drawings, and some mocked stuff (Darth Vader, for instance). Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!




Ninjas strike again


Happy Lego Pirate


Easy Rider


You’re so beautiful…


Volkswagen Bus



Just Ducky!


 Size 18 shoes


 Smile for the camera


Sheldon Cooper


Do Not Feed


Pimp my ride


Err…Umm…. Ahhh….. Map Anyone?

Colin J Williams


In the Cup


 You Rock


Hot Lips



 Facebook says its your birthday!



 A Fish Out of Water



 Mini Me


 Breakfast of Champions


 Welcome Home!




Wishful thinking