It’s been exactly 1 month since we’ve published our last article on business cards.  Therefore, we have gathered a new collection of 22 fresh & awesome business cards that will certainly give you an inspirational boost. Compared to 2011, this year seems to be less creative as there are fewer and fewer high quality business cards. Nevertheless, we managed to “squeeze” the net as much as we could and we brought you some of the best.

Now, below you’ll be seeing various types of business cards including letterpress, perforated, plastic, or metal. As regards the design styles these are vintage, black, minimalist or colourful.  Yes, it’s all here! Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Business Card for: Ogilvy and Mather


wildlabs (transparent plastic cards, vintage casette look)


Business Card for: Yuri Tamburrini


Red Letterpress Cards


Business Card for: Brent Clowater


Business Card for: Sweet Thrills


Uno design


Easel business card



Base-10 Business Card


Orderin Business Cards


Personal Trainer Business Card


Baris Celebi Personal Card


Fuse Business Cards


Verbena x-small Business Cards


Yellow Identity Cards


Beautiful Square Letterpress



Via Business Card



Base-10 Business Card


Chuck Tingley


Dreamten Studios


alaCaesar Business Card