We have gathered 20 beautiful and colourful greeting cards designs. These were selected from hallmark.com and are available for you to buy. In this article, you’ll find neat designs as well as great typography examples.  In today’s busy world, we have the option of choosing to send an e-card…Nevertheless, the paper greeting cards are still the best way to express your feelings for the people you care about. First of all, they show a greater effort (writing and picking it). Second of all, the fact that it’s physical and not digital means that it can be more easily shared with others and reminded, because you can put it on your desk in your office or at home, on a table. Nevertheless, I hope that you’ll be inspired by this wonderful collection! Also, if you’ll like what you’ll see, than please share this post with your friends or community! Many thanks!

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Just Wanted Paws


Loads of Love


Outgrown doing things


Enjoy your day


You’re not what most people think






I dare anyone to try & find


There are a million reasons…


Thanks for loving me




Daddy’s home


Celebrating a year of Lauren


For Maura


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Teresa


What a day for smiling and wishing


It seems so unfair


You Rock