It’s been a while since we’ve last posted an article on random package designs. Therefore, we’ve gathered what we think are 18 Creative & Must See Package Designs and I’m sure that they will be inspirational for you.

Below, you’ll be seeing different packages; however the vast majority is from beverages. Now, of course we didn’t intend that, but I guess that lately designers simply gave their best only when it came to different “liquids”. Nevertheless, you’ll view wine, beer, vodka, food and even a book package. A great collection and one that we really worked hard to gather.  Although most of the brands are probably unknow to you, I’m please to say that we have 2 different package designs for Heineken. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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(Belvedere) RED Vodka

Brand Opus


Concept Packaging: Heineken




Portuguese Nostalgia Wine Limited Edition



Orchard Pig

Blue Martin


Willie’s Cacao

Brand Opus


Oola Distillery

Brian Piper, Piper Design Co.


Duct Tape & Glitter Custom Whiskey Packaging

Designed by Duct Tape & Glitter



Showers’ Craft Beers Concept

Designed by Douglas Flournoy


Cass Art


Angus Hyland; Pentagram



140th Anniversary Heineken


Rodolfo Kusulas; Lee Dunford



Peter Wetzer craft wines

László Mihály Naske


The Cloud Factory

Biles Inc.


Conservas Billante

Designed by fammilia



Student Spotlight: Books for Cooks

Cathy Klees



Student Spotlight: 31º Vineyard

A sexual theme was used in a discreet and subtle way. Sex is represented through three red wines: Nailed, Screwed and Drilled.

Designed by Alicia Carvalho



5 Virgin Olive Oil

Designers United


Student Spotlight: Gravity Wine

Patrick Hill


Tomato Sauce Project

Vincent Wade