We continue our winter articles, with a lovely thematic snow photography post for all of you who admire this part of the year. These photos are from various places of the world starting from fancy Paris, to the pragmatic London and skyscrapers city New York. Of course, this set of photos does include some extraordinary photography from less urban regions.

Thus, we aimed to satisfy everybody’s taste. Also, we have a couple of pics who are black and white, and I assure you that they are marvellous! Moreover, for those of you who are interested in photo manipulation, you will find some neat examples here. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and create you own stunning images! I wish you a warm and nice Christmas! Also, if you like what you will see, please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks!










New York, Snow in Central Park

Alfredo Bergna



New York, Central Park

Agnaldo Pereira Miguel



Paris, Place de la Concorde



Paris, Montmarte



London, Parliament (Westminster)

Paolo Camera



Edinburgh City Centre (Scotland)


John Gilchrist



Maciek Lesniak



Cabeza de Manzandea, Galicia (Spain)

Paulo Brandão



Hyde Park, London



Prague(Czech Republic)

Max Mackiewicz


Hidcote Manor in Gloucestershire (UK)





Pete Carr


Berne (Switzerland)

Marcel Zaugg


New Orleans (USA)

Patrick Macfetters