(15+51) Fabulous Ads From The 1960s (Series Finale)


Our 15 Fabulous Ads From the 1960s series has come to an end. In the past 6 weeks, we have showed you an impressive collection of 132 ads from the era that it’s often called as “The Golden Age of Advertisement”. And yes, we are proud of it!

Today, we have prepared 66 impressive ads, probably the best you’ve seen so far!  The collection of brands it’s simply unbelievable. From Kellogg’s, Martini, Smirnoff, Pontiac, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Philips, Barbie, Sony, KFC, General Electric, Avon, Viceroy, Winston, Revlon to Friskies, Kodak, Wilson, Buick or Ray Ban and many more!

Although, this is the end of the 1960s series, it isn’t of course the end of our vintage ads series. The best is yet to come. For those of you who want to see the series’ most appreciated articles click here (6)(4)(1). Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!


Respect our work! Don’t copy our articles!


Kellogg’s “No Trade ‘Em for Manhattan” (1962)



Martini & Rossi (1963)



Philips portable radios & record player (1963)






Barbie Doll (1965)



4-inch Sony TV (1965)



KFC, Finger Lickin’ Christmas (1968)



Smirnoff (1960)



Coke (1960)



 Whitman Crayons (1966)



Sylvania portable television (1960)



General Electric -“Peter Max clocks” (1969)



Coke, For Extra Fun (1966)


Royal Typewritter (1963)



Coppertone Gives You a Better Tan



White King Detergent (1961)



My Beer is Rheingold – The Dry Beer!” (1960)



Maidenform Bra (1960)


Avon perfume (1963)



Squirt Is for Grownup Tastes (1962)


Viceroy (1962)



Rogers Lingerie baby Doll (1961)



Winston What’s Up Front (1962)



Cigarettes Newport (1960)



La Fotomeccanica-“Cliché e Fotolito” (1969)



Hunt’s Spoonburger (1963)



Plaza 8 (1966)



Free For Your Tree in Cartons of Coke (1966)



Carnet de Bal, a Revillon perfume



Drummond (1962)



Pontiac Bolero Red



Phillies Cigar Christmas (1961)



Banquet Frozen Dinner Thanksgiving (1964)



Pin the Tail on the Water Heater (1965)



Helena Rubenstein (1965)



Scotch Tape Halloween (1961)



Friskies Fires Up Energy (1962)



It’s A Knox (Not A Champ)



Pepsi-owned products (1966)



Philips Continental 401 (1964)



Free For Your Tree in Cartons of Coke (1966)



Red Cap beer (1961)



Allied Radio Elecronics (1960)



Be Sociable Have a Pepsi (1960)



Party Girl:Coke (1960)



Be Sociable Have a Pepsi (1960)



Kodak Movie News  (1961)



Corby’s – 1961



Schlitz’s Happy Holidays (1960)



Continental Can Company Bondware (1960)



Wilson  (1969)



Planters (1960)



Ascochrome 50 (1967)



 Buick GS 400 & Opel GT(1969)



Kodak gives you 4 color personalities to work and play with  (1967)



Wyler’s Lemonade Mix (1962)



Ray Ban Summer sunglasses (1960)



Chevrolet (1960)



American Natural Gas Association (1967)



Pretty Hot Rolls (1966)



Pepsi Generation (1966)




Budweiser Beer (1960)



Suddenly, It’s 1960….Plymouth



Volkswaken (1960)



Bell Telephone Systems  (1960)




Friskies Dog food (1960)



Pontiac – wagon turns heads (1960)


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  12. Naomi   •  

    Could you please tell me how you found those beautiful images? I’m doing research on Ray-ban sunnies, could really use a database of old commercials.

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