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Ultimate Designer Kit – 60.000 Resources for a Fabulous Price


Welcome to Mighty Deals, the place where the impossible becomes possible. Not even in your wildest dreams could you have imagined a deal like this. Yes, The Ultimate Designer Toolkit is a limited time offer that includes more than 60.000 high quality designer items that cost only $49!  If you will buy it you’ll get access to:

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  • 340 Seamless Vectors
  • 27,000 Photoshop Gradients
  • 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles
  • 1,545 Vector Illustrations
  • 815 Photoshop Patterns
  • Ultimate CSS Framework
  • 2,986 Photoshop Brushes
  • 1,105 Adobe Add-ons
  • 1,129 Vector Elements
  • 1,290 High Resolution Textures
  • 512 Vector Icons
  • 527 Stock Photos
  • PSD to HTML 960 Grid System Tutorials
  • 902 Pixel Icons
  • 82 Photoshop Actions
  • Web Graphics
  • 3D Creator
  • 3D Software Box Creator

Furthermore, you’ll also get a one year membership that includes access to all their latest premium resources, as well as 10 PSD layouts + tutorials! I’m telling you, these guys are completely crazy and these high quality resources are worth every cent! You simply can’t miss it! For more details, just click here! Moreover, you don’t need to register and Mighty Deals doesn’t charge any fees.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Mighty Deals before, these guys offer a 50% to 90% discount on design tools, professional templates, Mac toolkits, web development lessons and others. We highly recommend you to subscribe to their newsletter and get access to their daily amazing deals.