Nowadays, having your own website is just as simple as buying a nice pair of sneakers. Gone are the days when you had to know coding in order to create your own website, these days you don’t need to be a web developer to make a web page. And it is as easy as it sounds because now by simply dragging, dropping, adjusting photo sizes or choosing the templates that you like you can become the new and proud owner of your own website. And here comes the part where we tell you where you can do all this simple stuff, because we created a top of the best website builders out there.

Winner , red and gold rosette

IM Creator


IM Creator is a very easy to use free website builder that has a very user friendly interface. You can upload photos that you can resize as you please, you can add videos, you can choose from a variety of templates and all this for free. You can change every single element on the screen so it matches your requirements, photos, videos, slideshows can be added or removed as you please by a simple click of a button. You can change the colors, backgrounds, opacity, dimensions so it reflects your very requirements. If you should stumble upon any problems in the process of creating your website, IM Creator has a really cool customer support department with real web designers ready to do your work, but this is a highly unlikely event considering the high accessibility and on top of all, the 60 seconds quick tour video to get you started and the pdf manual.



A very quick and easy solution for creating your website is WebStartToday that focuses on professional website. The user is given a multitude of templates from their over 1000 designs database that they can choose from, templates from different categories such as travel, art, cooking, medicine. It takes only minutes to create what you always wanted to display on the World Wide Web. You just choose tour template and then add the all information that you want, plus the storage is unlimited. You can also get your personal domain, you have 24/7 customer service, you can get a pro’s opinion on your website and it also includes SEO support.




Webzai helps you create a website following just a few easy steps that include choosing from a variety of templates adding the elements that you like, basically customizing everything that you can think of. And on top of that, they offer SEO optimization support and you can also integrate Google Analytics.



Wix is one of the oldest website builders out there that offers new, simple, easy to use templates that are all free. They also offer premium paid packages that don’t come cheap, but if you take a look at what you receive then you can say that it was a fair bargain. By constantly adding new templates and services, they surely made a name for themselves, a name that will stick around for years to come.




If you are looking for professionalism in your web design, then you must be looking for Webydo. Webydo understands the needs of designers, because they are designers themselves. With it’s CMS, you can design and manage multiple website for your clients and even have your own personal login page. You’ll be able to control what your clients have control over (content) while you’ll remain in full control of the design. Creating an account on Webydo is quick, easy, and best of all free.




MadeFreshly targets anyone that wants to open an online store by providing the exact templates that can be customizable by dragging and dropping images exactly as the customer wishes. This is one of the best and quickest services out there, offering free templates, promotion options, Google Analytics and mobile support. You can also get your custom domain name, which is a big plus if you really want to make your name for your store.  Your new clients will be delighted not only by your products, but also by your store’s website, for it can be one of the coolest out there.



When you sign up to uCoz the only thing that matters is your creativity and desire to build a web presence. The rest you can leave to the professionals. On uCoz everything works out of the box: their solid-rock servers guarantee 99% uptime, regular backups and other benefits of the powerful cloud hosting infrastructure. Good news is that it is available at no cost – their never-expiring free package doesn’t require any credit card details to sign up. On uCoz you can expand your web page functionality with just a few clicks: select a module you need at the moment (a Blog, a Forum, a Mini Chat, a Gallery, etc.) switch it on and customize it. Managing a website on uCoz is as easy and straightforward as possible.




If you are looking for an easy solution to create a website quickly, is the answer for you. After choosing a template to work with, you can start editing by adding photos, slideshows, videos, web forms. You can resize your photos, add more pages, include different apps such as Google Maps, Facebook Like or Twiter Follow. A fun and fast way to get started on the World Wide Web.



Having a 14 days of free trial to convince  yourself that Cubender is the answer to your website building problems, this innovative builder offers elegant designs, easy to use graphic and text editing, animated content and many more features for you to discover.




Aircus is the solution if you are looking for a simple, discreet and professional website builder. You can create your website using not only your PC, but also your mobile phone or tablet, using new and modern templates, you get cloud hosting with regular backups, and you can add videos from Youtube, Facebook and Twiter widgets and even provide your location using a Google Maps widget.