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The Verb – A Hot Font Family at an Oustanding Price


The Verb is a damn hot font which has been soaring in popularity lately. I’ve also included myself in 2 lists that I have made for you in the past months. Unfortunately, until now, this font family was extremely expensive and if you weren’t making a lot of money from your monthly projects, then paying $270 for it was simply not affordable.

However, luckily, the guys from the Yellow Design Studio which have created this extremely cool font family have teamed up with Mighty Deals and they have come up with simply an outstanding price. To be clearer, they have decided to make you guys a discount of 97% for a limited time only. Thus, you’ll know have the chance of buying this font family with only $9! Yes, you got that right, for a just a couple of days this font will be available for only $9, instead of $270.

Is it worth it? You bet it is! You’ll not only get a unique and popular font, but also 9 different weights and 18 different fonts. And for a $9 price tag, that’s a hell of a bargain. Sounds incredible and you don’t know where to buy it? Then click here or on any other image!

WAS $270





8 3 6

Want to buy this font for only $9? Click here!

For those of you who don’t know, Mighty Deals offers professional products and services with a discount between 50% to 90%  for a limited time only.