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The Grid with 6x more speed

If you put PHP 5.5 with FastCGI and PageSpeed together, you get a really fast website loading speed, and completely eliminate the problems associated with opening more web pages at the same time. The new Grid hosting plan from (mt) Media Temple is worthy of notice especially because it’s based on these fresh server technologies, which grant a speed of up to 6x above the average shared web hosting options out there. Here are some of the other attributes of this improved service.




An AccountCenter that works like magic

The account control panel has a very attractive looking interface. The user can easily manage a maximum set of 100 databases, along with 1,000 email accounts, and add new domains at any time. The Grid’s webmail runs on a totally isolated set of servers, and so a continuous flux of incoming and outgoing mail does not occur at the expense of the website’s performance.


There isn’t a clearly delimited list of the applications that a user can have installed over the AccountCenter, but presently the top 3 available through 1-Click Installation are WordPress, ZenCart and Drupal. The former, WordPress, is what this hosting service is particularly optimized for. Apart from that, an ongoing list of applications can be installed via the control panel, including TYPO3 or MediaWiki.


Top-notch protection

Another aspect is safety, and it’s not taken lightly by (mt) Media Temple. We all know that the internet is populated with security threats that can really mess with any website, be it a blog, a portfolio, or a personal installment. In order to keep a lookout as imperviously as possible, (mt) Media Temple thought that the user would appreciate the free of charge addition of CloudFlare with Railgun, whose settings are easily manageable from the control panel. Thus, anyone can personally make sure that hack attacks and spam are kept at bay.


Reliable hosting support

The (mt) Media Temple support team famously aids any Grid user in distress, at any time of day and night. They’re always there if assistance is needed, and they can be reached by channels such as Twitter, phone, Skype, or chat. On request, the CloudTech On-Demand Support can take care of website analysis and backup, database repairs, or other optimizing-oriented services from a 20-long list.



For a monthly sum of $20, (mt) Media Temple will activate and host a Grid with up to 100 GB storage, 2,000 GPUs, and 1 TB bandwidth that scales according to the user’s needs. All you need to do is register a top-level domain (either .com, org., net., .name, .biz., or .info) for $5 during the first year and $12 thenceforth, or activate the Grid with an existing domain that you already own. And the best part is that you get your money back if things don’t work out. However, with such an amazing speed, I wonder who could possibly say no to a (mt) Media Temple Grid hosting plan.