Photography is sometimes a true blessing especially if you just want to relax after a busy week.  Of course, the same applies if you are making a hobby out of it. However only a couple of decades ago it was an area for a privileged few, not because cameras weren’t available at an affordable price, but because tutorials were scarce. However, with the advent of the internet, now it’s easier for an amateur to make some quite good photos. In fact, the distance between amateurs and professionals has diminished in the past years. Furthermore, there are certainly more people making a living from it.

Nonetheless, below you’ll have the chance to see some stunning work from both amateurs and professional photographers. You’ll see nature, landscapes, animal, architecture as well as black and white photography. Everything with a good taste. Therefore, we hope that you’ll enjoy our article. And if you do, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Sunset at U-bein Bridge (Myanmar)



Santa’s Village



Epic of blue flower



Love Birds



A Windy Road



Ice Ice Baby



I predict a riot



On the line



Bjarne Tjøtta



Up and Above



Hush Puppies



Ice Neuron



Mosel Bend


Before the Rain






Camel Train



Living Noise



YeePeng Festival ChiangMai Thailand



Water Lily









Sunset Photography






And Ripples






Mosel Bend