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Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download


Recently, I’ve been myself a victim of copyright infringement. Therefore, I decided to start looking for plugins that can at least solve partially the problem. I must be honest with you, there is now perfect plugin, but I assure you that a combination of 2 or 3 of those below, will certainly drive nuts anyone who tries to copy anything from your website. If you think the Chinese or the Indians are those that copy the most, well think twice. My first article that was entirely copied was done so by an American. So, no more prejudices (at least from my part)!

The descriptions below are of course written by those who created the plugins. If you want to download them, you can do so be simply searching them on wordpress (it takes about 30 seconds). Nevertheless, please make sure that this article reaches as many persons as it can get, in order to fully protect their intellectual property! Many thanks and cheers!


Respect our work! Don’t copy our articles!


1.iCopyright(R) Article Tools

The iCopyright plugin adds article tools (print, email, post, and republish) and an interactive copyright notice to your site that facilitate the monetization and distribution of your content. Earn fees or ad revenue when your articles are re-used. Identify websites that re-use your content without permission and request takedown or convert them to customers. Use the same solution many of the world’s leading publishers use to protect and monetize their content. By iCopyright, Inc.



The DupeOff plagiarism and duplicate content detection plugin allows you to check posts for duplicate content via the DupeOff API.

The DupeOff plugin adds a link on the admin listings of posts allowing you to generate a report of duplicate content. Check the screenshots for an example! While you can easily check duplicate content manually by pasting a sentence into a search engine, this quickly becomes boring when you have to check a lot of text. Also, content thieves often take just parts of your and others text, such as a paragraph in the middle, quickly assembling spam articles that robs you of your search rankings.

Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download


3. ©Feed

Extends the feed! A report of copyright, a digital fingerprint and the IP of the feed reader can be added. In addition, some search engines are scanned for the digital fingerprint in order to find possible content theft. The feed can be also be supplemented with comments and topic-relevant contributions. The complete RSS feed can be delivered even if the <–more–> tag is used in WP 2.1+, smaller as 2.5. It is possible to view related post using the plugin “Simple Tagging” or “Simple Tags”.

The Plugin adds content to a feed. It is possible to configure the copyright message. You can use html. You can add the IP of a feed reader and digital fingerprint for an explicit key. There can also be a domain name for a whitelist and this domains became not the message. The plugin search for this key at content theft. It is furthermore possible to add comments and related posts to the feed. For the related post feature it uses a database-search for the content. You can use the plugin “Simple Tagging” for related posts in a feed. The copyright notice can be added even when using entry excerpts.


4. WP-Copyright-Protection

A simple way to protect the content on your website. For most browsers: disables text copy, image copy and will keep your site out of an iframe.

This plugin is clean and easy.


5.Tynt Insight for WordPress

How would you like to know who’s copying content from your website and turn those users into return visitors?

We found a wonderful website called Tynt a few weeks back and we fell in love with the tool, the reports and the functionality but found it a little difficult to impliment for the average user so we built the Tynt Insight Plugin for WordPress, a free downloadable tool that allows you to easily add Tynt’s amazing copy & paste functionality onto any website.

Want to see it in action? Simply copy from this website and paste it into a new document, presto, a link appears back to the source page you copied from!


6. Copyright Proof

A copyright notice with teeth! Prove ownership, protect your copyright, and copy protect. Obtain a digitally signed and time-stamped certificate of content of each wordpress post (for proof of copyright). Inserts combined certification. copyright, licensing, and attribution notice at end of post. At your option, your post’s url will be shown on (will be a hyperlink for Digiprove subscribers) to your post. Optional anti-theft feature to copy protect your content.


7. Auto Copyright

Automatically generates a copyright notice based on the first and last post published in the WordPress database. The notice can be placed anywhere in the web site template using a simple tag.


8. Copyrighted Post

Adds copyright notice in the end of each post of your blog.

Available admin page languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Belarus
  • Simplified Chinese

Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download


Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download


9. DMCA Protection Badge

Once installed and activated, you can use the DMCA Protection Badge page in your Dashboard’s Settings Menu to specify how your choice of badge should be displayed in posts and pages. You can also choose to display your badge site-wide using the DMCA Badge Widget. You can use the badges for free but we suggest that you sign up for an account at in order to receive the full benefit of the certified badges.


Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download


Protect your content-9 Copyright WordPress Plugins to Download