We’ve gathered 40 Creative Interior Design Objects and I’m sure that they will amaze you. When I first saw these, I said to myself that I should definitely try to find as many as I can and put them later in an article. The collection grew bigger week by week, so I thought that now it’s the time to unleash the best we’ve got!

Now, I’m sure that each of you thought about how his/her house would look like. Not only are these unique interior design ideas, but you can use them as well in your projects. How? Well, if Roeland Otten for his ABC Chairs project inspired himself from typography, so can you from the cool furniture objects that you’ll find below. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Shelving cabinet



 Infinity chair

Tembolat Gugkaev



Tablescape No. 1

Brooke M Davis Design




Werner Neumann




Side Chair

Alexander Kneller



Vendome Pois High Chest from the Lofficina Collection



Roma Credenza from the Lofficina Collection






Roeland Otten







Prototyping the Domestic Environment




Department of Interior Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design



Cheerful Egg-Inspired Table





Lightweight Missix Armchair


Di Marzio Design



Minimalist Bathtub Design


Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni



Accordion-Inspired Office Furniture

Nika Zupanc




Joe Manus



Innovative Kitchens & Curvaceous Countertops




Bulb Chair

Marta Antoszkiewicz



Lorraine Brennan



Shelf Designs


Maria Yasko



Innovative Flower Vases



No. 216 Sideboard


Jesper Ståhl




Juliette Wall Shelf

Jean-Marc Gady



April Tables

Alfredo Häberli



Époque Chair




Get Out! Menu Pin Tables

Simply push them into the ground using the button on top and you’ve instantly got a little side table to hold your drink.



Grandma Chair


Bora Çakilkaya



Silestone Slab Vases

Cosentino Group



Free Port

Martí Guixé



Cl Collection





Svitato Clothes Hanger


Andrea Vecera