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How to Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps


When building a website you usually have two options. You either hire someone, which is usually extremely expensive nowadays (and not worth it) unless, of course, you’re a big corporation and you don’t care about the money you spend.

The second option, that is to do the website yourself, is better but frustrating and hugely time consuming.  Just imagine how many things you need to learn: Photoshop, programming and others. I’m sure that you would probably want to invest your time into something else.

Luckily, with IM creator free builder you can create your website in no time.  As I’ve recently discovered their website, I’ve instantly became a huge fan. Just imagine a tool with which you can create an awesome website such as mine in just 30 minutes. No coding needed. And best of all, it’s all free.





Step 1

You choose one of the cool free templates available. There are 5 main categories: designers, photographers, artists and portfolio websites.




Step 2

You then begin to customize your website. Yes, everything that you’ll see on that template can be modified, logos, text, photos, all. And this can be done with only a few clicks.




Step 3

After you finish customizing you then can publish your work. You’ll see that you can even choose what name you want for it. Furthermore, if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even have your own free personalized e-mail address.



Therefore, if you’re a designer and you need to build up your portfolio really fast, then IM Creator with its user friendly and free platform is certainly the best solution for you. Nonetheless, I still can’t believe how technology evolved and how fast you can build your website today. Kudos to these guys for making available to us, such a useful and cool tool!