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Cool Business Cards Reloaded – 24 Fresh Examples

Business Cards are somehow indispensable for graphic designers. Probably because their design can show how much creativity and skill has a designer to offer to its clients. Yes, this rather old fashion cards are a great way to market yourself. And, of course, they can bring you a lot of cash if you design them for other people.

Nevertheless, below you’re going to see some really cool and fresh examples of business cards and I‘m sure that they will boost your inspiration. Moreover, you’ll find any style, shape or material (well, we don’t have wood and cotton bc’s, but nonetheless…). Enjoy, be inspired, and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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JB Business Card with Removable QR Code Snipet



JB Mini-Business Card (The Pocket Card)



JB Typographic Business Card (Call Me Maybe)



Motion Media Works



Kozlova Design v2




Boris Forconi


Alexandra Stamopoulou



Florian Beierlein



Paul Castellaneta



Amanda Damha – architecture & interiors



Personal business cards


Letterpress Business Cards



mousse business card



We Love Design



Simple Business Card



Hive Creative

Kati Lapi


Art Business Card



Kitty’s Beauty Parlour Letterpress Business Cards



Creative Retro Business Card

Theme Flava


Unique Die Cut Business Cards




Mom’s Tattoos


Fresh Air Farm

Whiskey Design



Bryan Pikens


Kozlova Design