I’ve seen few blogs talking about from where to get the best stocks for banner designs. And although as a designer you don’t have to deal with these types of projects very often, when you do, I think it’s useful to know a reliable and good source for stocks.

Thus, if you search banner on Depositphotos, you’ll get more than 300.000 results.  Amongst these you’ll find badges, ribbon, labels, vectors and anything that you might need. Furthermore, their quality is really high and the price to quality ratio is top. The sizes start from 341*352 (0.12 MP) and go up to 5818 x 6001 (34.91 MP). The cost is between 1 and 10 credits. On average, a credit costs $0.95. Therefore, if we make a simple calculation, we will see that a price for a banner stock ranges $0.95 to $9.5. In my opinion, that’s one of the best prices that you can get from any microstock agency.

Nevertheless, more importantly is that the buying system is really easy to use. So their buy it easy sell it easy slogan is not just some random marketing stuff. If you want to buy some credits, you just have to click the buy now button, fill in some minimum payment information and that’s it. Plus, I was pleased to see that you can pay with 12 different types of payment instruments, including some that you’ll only find in your own country.

Therefore, keep Depositphotos in mind. Although they are relatively new on the market, I see a really bright future for them. Quality, prices and diversity are three things you won’t easily find –and they have them.  Just take a look and see it for yourself in the random images I got from their website.

Set of spring horizontal banners Depositphotos_18133289_s Grungy multicolor banners Set of vintage frames