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5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023


If you searched long enough to find the best WooCommerce or Shopify theme for your online store you would likely discover several that might do the trick. Trying to find the “best” of anything can easily become an exercise in futility or simply take an excessive amount of time and effort.

May we suggest another approach, and that is to limit your search to several (in this case 10) themes recommended by experts on the subject. One or more of them should fully satisfy your design perception or objective.

These cool WooCommerce and Shopify themes feature high-performance built-in page editors and highly customizable options. Every one of them is designed to ensure your store will be fast, reliable, and give your customers an exceptional shopping experience.


1. Flatsome – #1 Best Selling WooCommerce Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

Flatsome could be an ideal solution to your eCommerce store-building needs. This performant best-selling WooCommerce theme is a longtime favorite of individuals, agencies, and businesses looking to establish an online presence for themselves or for clients.

Tools, aids, and options are at your fingertips for creating a super-fast and reliable website that provides an amazing user experience.

Flatsome’s new UX builder offers a revolutionary, responsive, and super-fast way to create pages, sliders, and banners, as it lets you –

  • make use of drag and drop functionality to organize your content, create and alter layouts, and edit text.
  • create custom responsive layout and content for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Flatsome’s Live Theme Options feature gives you everything needed to make your site aesthetically pleasing.

Other features include –

  • a library of content sections, video, images, and sliders.
  • popular customer-centric options like wishlist and cart, live search, product quick view, product highlight (sales bubble), filter options, etc.

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2. Avada WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

What does the Avada WooCommerce theme have going for it? Quite a lot, since many of its users refer to it as the Swiss Army knife of WordPress themes with its multiplicity of design tools, aids, and options.  

Both first-time WordPress users and professional web designers love working with Avada, the best-selling WordPress theme ever with 750,000+ users to date.

  • Avada is user friendly, performant, and built for speed.
  • Its WooCommerce builder is perfect for quickly and easily creating custom shop and product layouts.
  • Any need for plugin installation can be minimal. Examples: 1) the Avada Form Builder lets you build forms the way you need them, and 2) its custom archive layouts let you build archive pages just as you envision them.
  • Other features include Avada’s 400+ pre-built web pages and 120+ design and layout elements.

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3. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

The Uncode creative WooCommerce WordPress theme is an all-time top-selling theme on the Envato market having registered more than 100,000 sales to date.

The gallery of inspirational user-built websites is worth a look when visiting Uncode’s website. These user-built websites are a clear indication that Uncode is constantly updated and keeps aware and abreast of the latest design and technology trends.

  • Uncode’s advanced drag and drop Product Builder and performant Ajax product features are among the most popular and widely used WooCommerce website building tools.
  • Carefully crafted importable pre-made designs (70+) and Wireframes sections (500+) provide a host of design options and great flexibility.
  • Ajax filters help users filter products according to category, size, color, brand, price, etc. Other customer-centric features include wishlist and shopping cart support and Catalog mode.

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4. BeTheme – The Fastest WooCommerce Theme Ever Built

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

BeTheme has always been big, fast, and popular. Thanks to its new BeBuilder, BeTheme is not only faster than ever but has the distinction of being the fastest WooCommerce theme of them all.

BeTheme also keeps on adding features and with respect to popularity 250,000+ customers speaks for itself.

40+ power-packed core features are designed to help you create an online store that effectively represents and boosts your brand, the most popular and widely used of which are:

  • Builders: including the fast, light, and intuitive BeBuilder, a Popup Builder, a Sidebar Menu Builder, Be Header Builder 2.0, and the Query Loops/Loop Builder.
  • BeTheme’s popular library of 650+ Pre-Built Websites; each is customizable, responsive, and features basic UX functionality.
  • Be Blocks: which offers a time-saving selection of pre-designed sections.

5. Rey – Exceptionally Intuitive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

Before selecting a WordPress WooCommerce theme, you should check to see if it is eCommerce dedicated, how many pre-made designs it offers, their quality and functionality, if it is responsive, and if it is constantly updated.

Rey satisfies all the above and gives you a great deal more.

  • You can expect outstanding performance.
  • Rey features a fast and easy to work with drag-and-drop page builder.
  • It is easy to set up and is user friendly.
  • Rey integrates seamlessly with Elementor, WordPress, and WooCommerce.
  • You’ll like the flexible visual editing, customer-centric product features that feature fast search and navigation, and the selection of internal optional modules that combine to provide virtually unlimited flexibility.

Rey’s stunning design features have a strong positive influence on your website’s design, and it is SEO friendly, which makes it easy for search engines to discover and rank your website.

6. Blocksy – Premium WordPress Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

The Blocksy free WooCommerce theme is 100% integrated with WooCommerce, it communicates a minimalist and effective approach to design, and offers a multiplicity of customization options that will enable you to create an elegant eCommerce store in minutes.

Blocksy places at your fingertips –

  • an impressive collection of up-to-date and elegant pre-built starter sites.
  • a powerful header and footer builder, a mega menu extension,
  • WooCommerce and Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder page builder compatibility.
  • a Content Blocks module that enables you to add custom content to any page based on your needs, giving you tremendous design flexibility in the process.

Blocksy is built on top of Gutenberg incorporating the latest web technologies. A white label module is available should you wish to establish your own brand.

7. Woodmart – WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Any Kind of Store

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

The Woodmart multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce theme is well-known for its eye-catching selection of product display presentations and options. The Woodmart website itself is noteworthy in that it projects a perfect example of what an online store needs to look like to attract and engage visitors.

You might even be tempted to select a product from the website, forgetting for a moment that it is displayed for demonstration purposes only!

Woodmart features you can work with to create your own stunning product displays include –

  • 80+ elegant pre-built websites, customizable pages, and templates.  
  • Shop and product page Elementor builders and the special Elementor custom checkout feature.
  • Ajax features that include product search, filters, swatches, quick-shop, and other customer-centric properties.
  • Since Woodmart is totally responsive, you will have no difficulty designing a mobile-friendly website and store.

Woodmart is as good as it gets when it comes to speed, reliability, and customer support.

8. XStore – Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

The 130+ demos that are specifically geared for online stores are the most popular feature of this WooCommerce theme. Each is modern, importable with a single click, and comes with the necessary pages you can customize and add your own content as you build your own store. Since the designs look great on both desktop and mobile devices customers will have no problem making a purchase no matter the device they’re using

  • XStore is easy to set up and user friendly.
  • This WooCommerce theme was built with fast loading in mind. You needn’t worry about slow response times that would otherwise negatively affect your store’s conversion rate.
  • Popular features include a powerful Theme Options panel, blogging aids, and a variety of customer-centric features like wishlist, product compare, and booster sales aids designed to boost sales.
  • Extensive documentation comes with the package and XStore is SEO optimized.

9. Kalium Theme – Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

Kalium is an attractively designed WooCommerce theme that places a wealth of design tools, aids, and options at your fingertips to help you create an engaging online store capable of easily converting visitors to customers.

  • Kalium’s Live WooCommerce builder together with its wealth of template layouts to choose from give you plenty of design flexibility.
  • You can also create your own layouts using the Kalium WooCommerce builder.
  • Store visitors will appreciate Kalium’s newly designed cart and checkout pages. The stepped checkout feature is straightforward, so your customers won’t get distracted by having to deal with unnecessary processes or content.
  • Other shop features include product filters, product hover styles, up-sells, cross-sells, and a grid/list catalog switcher.

Kalium is speed optimized, has acquired a deservedly exceptional product rating, and has garnered great product reviews.

10. Hongo – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

5+ Top-Quality WooCommerce & Shopify Themes for 2023

Hongo places a wealth of features at your fingertips that will enable you to launch a successful online store for use with Shopify, the world’s premium eCommerce platform.

A major advantage with Hongo is the significant savings you could realize by using the theme’s features rather than using paid Shopify applications.

You can also take full advantage of –

  • Hongo’s 12 demos that take in hand a variety of business niches including fashion, furniture, jewelry, electronic, decor, etc.
  • Premium features like quick view, product compare, wishlist, advanced filters, color swatches, product bundles, etc.
  • Hongo’s online detailed documentation, help videos, and highly rated customer support.

This premium Shopify theme is highly flexible and customizable using the Shopify Customize panel with its 140+ ready sections, product cards, product detail styles and lots of customization settings. Hongo is also noted for excellent loading speeds and SEO optimization.


Whether you are building an online store from scratch or have one that needs upgrading, WooCommerce themes are ideal for both creating and enhancing websites as well as for simplifying business processes.

Good themes are not hard to find. There are so many of them in fact that you’ll appreciate this curated list of ten Top-Quality WooCommerce and Shopify Themes instead of having to embark upon a lengthy search. Every theme listed above offers one or more specific features you most likely are looking for.