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5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects


WordPress is a widely used content management system that provides a framework for creating basic websites. While anyone can use WordPress to build a basic website, it requires features and functionalities beyond what this framework offers if you wish to create a website that will be successful in the competitive world, we live in.

Plugins are independent pieces of code you can incorporate into a website’s design, to improve its appearance, functionality and performance. When you complement a website you’ve created with the basic WordPress framework with the right set of plugins, you can take it (and the owner’s business) to the next level.

There are roughly 60,000 WordPress plugins on the market; way too many to have to search through to find ones you know you could put to good use.


We are glad to be able to offer a helping hand by sharing with you this selection of what the experts judge to be the best WordPress plugins in 2023. Hopefully, one or more of them will be exactly what you’re looking for to grow your online business.

1. Brizy: ‘No-code’ website builder for agencies & web pros

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

Once you go with Brizy nothing else will feel easy. The Brizy WordPress website builder is fast and powerful, it was developed with non-techies in mind, and you can download it for free.

Beginners are pampered and agencies and web professionals will be astonished when they realize what they’ve been missing. 

 With Brizy it’s easy to –

  • get off to a quick start by selecting from the 150+ high-converting pre-made starter templates.
  • finish your project with the help of 36+ powerful elements, the WooCommerce builder, landing page builder, template builder, and popup builder.
  • create pages in minutes if you prefer to start from a blank page and use the no-code website builder, drag and drop elements, and visual editing.
  • use dynamic elements to help build WordPress templates.

You can further customize any part of your site with Brizy’s global colors, fonts, and other design aids. Click on the banner and get started with Brizy WordPress today.

2. wpDataTables – Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

You are usually up to the challenge of creating tables or charts when the type or amount of data involved is not overwhelming, but when you discover that there are several million rows of data to process that come from several sources and come in several formats you might start looking for some help.

Worse yet, your tables and/or charts are expected to be attractive, interactive, responsive, and easily editable and the task must be completed rather quickly.

The wpDataTables WordPress plugin manages tasks like these with ease with its –

  • advanced data filtering techniques and AJAX loading pagination that simplify and speed up the data management and display processes.
  • front-end table editing and sorting that enables you to create easily editable and maintainable tables and charts.
  • Conditional Formatting techniques that highlight key data for you.

Click on the banner to learn about wpDataTables’ other time- and labor-saving features.

3. Amelia – Appointment and Event WordPress booking plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

One reason for the Amelia WordPress booking plugin’s popularity is that it will give you a significant ROI almost immediately if your service-oriented business has a WordPress website.

There are multiple other reasons as well.

By automating and streamlining appointment booking operations Amelia replaces time-consuming manual processes. By doing so it saves time for clients, management, and employees alike.

Once you get Amelia up and running, which is not at all difficult, it will –

  • manage appointments at multiple locations from a single platform and dashboard.
  • allow your clients to book appointments online 24/7 and automatically send them real-time notifications and reminders.
  • accept payments using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, or Razor
  • manage group bookings, recurrent appointments, events, and packages of services.
  • customize booking forms to match your brand.

Amelia integrates seamlessly with Elementor, WooCommerce, Google Calendar, and more. Click on the banner to discover what Amelia can do for you.

4. LayerSlider – Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

Everyone from individuals without experience to large businesses will love LayerSlider. It’s easy to use and it’s not just for sliders. With this, the best WordPress slider plugin, you can create image galleries, popups, landing pages, animated page blocks, parallax and scrolling scenes, or even full websites.

  • Layer Slider is a cost-effective method for creating an expensive-looking website for a tiny fraction of the supposed price.
  • Whether you create a shiny new website or make a boring one look exciting, the    modern look and feel you can achieve will impress clients and visitors alike.

5. Slider Revolution – WordPress slider plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

Slider Revolution’s innovative features enable you to build incredible full-page video slideshows for your WordPress website. This WordPress video slider plugin does not require coding or video editing skills and places at your fingertips –

  • 250+ pre-built templates you can use to make any site look like it took months and many $$ to design.
  • cutting-edge features that push the limits as to what is possible in web design.

Slider Revolution’s no-code visual editor makes it easy to customize a slider to the fullest.

Slider Revolution is trusted by over 9 million worldwide users.

6. XML Sitemap Generator for Google – WordPress plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

XML Sitemap Generator for Google is an opensource software solution that offers an excellent approach to improving your SEO rankings with page, news, video, HTML, and RSS sitemaps, and –

  • ensures that all your content is indexed by the search engines.
  • notifies the search engines whenever you post new content.
  • can generate sitemaps for your online store’s product pages, categories, and tags.

The XML Sitemap Generator for Google plugin is free! Since it’s released under the GPL, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial site.

7. WP MAPS PRO – Advanced WordPress Plugin for Google Maps

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

WP Maps Pro is the right choice if you want Google Maps on your WordPress site. With this feature-rich plugin you can spice up your website with a striking variety of Google maps and will be able to –

  • display a variety of content types on a single map such as custom markers with icons and info windows, significant location highlights, and other important details for your visitors.
  • empower site visitors to generate their own routes and directions from your website.

WP Maps Pro caters to international locations and is fully compatible with multi-language websites – broadening your reach.

8. Essential Grid – WordPress grid plugin

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Your 2023 Website Projects

Essential Grid is hands down the best WordPress grid plugin on the market. Its 400,000 satisfied customers will tell you that. Essential Grid, created by the developers of Slider Revolution, gives website designers a unique method of injecting new life into a website.

  • You have a choice of grid layout options to work with including boxed and full-width to full-screen layouts with even, masonry and cobble grid items, plus 50+ customizable grid templates to select from to build your galleries.
  • Fast and responsive grid designs give you complete control over how your grids will appear on various devices.


WordPress is a hugely popular and widely used content management system for building websites. It provides an excellent website-building framework together with a wide variety of plugins you can use to add features and functionality to your designs.

The above list of the 8 best WordPress plugins in 2023 offers several excellent options for increasing the performance, functionality, or appearance of different types of WordPress sites. Hopefully you’ll find one or more that will fit your unique needs.