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37 Fabulous Dodge Vintage Ads

We have gathered what we think are 37 Fabulous Dodge Vintage Ads and I’m sure that you’ll love our collection. Dodge is one of the biggest and greatest American brands, being founded by the Dodge brothers in 1914; exactly 11 years after Henry T. Ford introduced the T model on the market.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic death of the brothers in 1920, the Dodge car didn’t live up to its potential. Starting from 1928, the Chrysler Corporation brought the brand and integrated within its divisions. However, they did manage to manufacture some amazing cars such as the dodge charger, or the dodge challenger who later became legendary. Moreover, they’ve also specialized in the production of trucks. These too had a great success. Nevertheless, below you’ll see probably the best dodge ads that were made in the past 70 years. Enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Dodge Charger Rallye (1972)




Dodge (1957)



Dodge For Dependability (1946)



Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible (1965)




Dodge (1947)




Dodge Charger RT (1969)




Dodge Trucks (1947)



Dodge Charger (1966)



Dodge Charger (1972)




Dodge Charger R/T (1969)



Dodge (1948)


Dodge Challenger Hardtop (1971)




Dodge Coronet (1967)



Dodge trucks (1947)




Dodge (1967)




Dodge trucks (1947)



Dodge (1945)



Dodge (1941)




 Dodge (1948)



Dodge Charger (1970)



Dodge Monaco (1970)




Dodge Brothers (1926)


Dodge Brothers (1926)



Dodge Brothers Coach (1925)




Dodge Brothers (1925)



Dodge (1933)


Dodge Dart GT (1967)




Dodge Cornet Super Bee 2 Door Hardtop (1970)


Dodge – Action Car of America (1953)




Dodge (1953)



Dodge Charger 500 (1970)




Dodge Charger RT (1969)




Dodge Vans (1968)



Dodge Polara 2 Door Hardtop (1970)




Dodge Challenger Hardtop (1970)




Dodge Challenger Hardtop (1970)




Dodge Dart GT (1966)