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36 Astonishing Inspirational Posters That You Shouldn’t Miss

Bram Vanhaeren is a 21 year old graphic designer from Belgium. His portfolio is simply impressive and his style is magnificent. The project that we are introducing to you today is called ‘An Idea Everyday’  and it started  on the 20th of November 2011 – to end  only on 12th of January(2012) During the time, Bram has created 36 astonishing posters that he is currently putting on sale. While other graphic designers sale for profit, Bram main objective is to gather money in order to host an exhibition.
The posters you’ll see are based mainly on typography, and Bram shows really great potential in the field. Besides the gorgeous typography, the Belgium based graphic designer has selected some extraordinary powerful motivational quotes. e.g. (Patience, I will Become What I know I am –Day 35 or Be Who you are + Say it – Day 28 etc.)  Therefore, I advise you to read them carefully. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!
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Day 1



Day 2









Day 5



Day 6



Day 7



Day 8



Day 9



Day 10



Day 11



Day 12



Day 13



Day 14



Day 15



Day 16



Day 17



Day 18




Day 19




Day 20



Day 21




Day 22



Day 23




Day 24




Day 25




Day 26 (Save Gorilla)




Day 27




Day 28




Day 29




Day 30




Day 31



Day 32



Day 33



Day 34



Day 35




Day 36