We’ve stumbled upon 35 Hilarious Vector Art Examples and we think you should definitely see them. LOL (aka laugh out loud) is what I felt when I first saw the images.  With these, Glenn Jones, a New Zeeland based graphic designer and illustrator has set the creativity threshold incredibly high. Combining clever and subtle humor with some really great drawing skills, Glenn’s style is unique and cool.

Below, you’ll have the opportunity to see some cool vector art that uses some ideas that our subconscious surely has thought of.  For instance, Practical Joke is an illustration where The Dead has a post it glued on her back that says ‘Kill Me’ or Pizza Hut (a hut made of pizzas) will make you laugh with tears. And these are only a couple of the amusing examples that you’ll see below. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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 Big Mistake





Water Bomb Squad




Practical Joke



Dental Care



Continuous Gaming




When Animals Attack



Anger Management



Go Zombies






For Dummies



Pet Feeder




Wound Specific



Zombie News



Before the Straw



Pizza Hut



Bat Cave Art




Blowfish Pranks



Glenn Jones



Out For Ice Cream



Arcade Combo



Crash Simulator



Blind Date



Life Raft



Gummi Alien



Iratus Avis



Toilet Humor



Swiss Army



Homework Evidence



Mob Musicians



Darkside of the Garden






Murder Weapon