We have gathered an incredible collection of 30 simply perfectly designed Cognac and Liqueur Bottles and we think that you’ll definitely enjoy contemplating them. These bottles come from a handful of prestigious cognac and liqueur companies that have a rich history in their field. Therefore, in this article you will be seeing cognac bottles from France’s Hennessey, Martell, Remy Martin and Courvoisier. Nevertheless, this collection also includes less mainstream cognac and liqueur producers such as Beirao Premium (a Portuguese based company) or Solerno (Italy).  Therefore, there is enough diversity and thus it should be easy to compare, analyze and differentiate between the bottle designs.

A couple of interesting facts

Cognac is produced mainly in France. The name of cognac is taken from the region where it is produced (somewhere in the South-West of France, near the Atlantic Ocean). The acronyms that you usually see on the bottles come from very special (V. S.), very superior old pale (V. S. O. P.), extra old (X.O.)

Liqueur usually contains less alcohol than cognacs, whisky or vodka. Somewhere between 15% to 35%. Liqueur appeared for the first time in Italy, during the 13th Century and it was created by monks.
A bottle of Rémy Martin: Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac costs 7500 euros(9800$).

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Liquor Beirão Premium


Kaws X Hennessy



Remy-Martin-Coeur de Cognac


Historic Limited Edition Hennessy V.S.


Hennessy limited edition, tribute to the independence of Mexico

Hennessy celebrates the 200th anniversary of the independence of Mexico




Martel Creation Grand Extra



Rémy Martin: Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac


Remy Martin LOUIS XIII


Rémy Martin’s 1898 Coupe Fine Champagne cognac


Various super collection


Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection



Rose Courvoisier




Conhaque Martell Cognac X.O. Supreme 700 ml


Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal


Rémy Martin


Hennessy Paradis


Rémy Martin


Cognac Grande Champagne La Fontaine de la pouyade


Benedictine liqueur


Rémy Martin VSOP Hot Holiday bottle


Grand Marnier


Just Desserts Cream Liqueurs



Root Organic Spirits


Grand Marnier Cent Cinquantenaire


Courvoisier Napoleon


Martell Noblige