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30 Cool Typography Examples That Will Make Your Work Look Brilliant

We have selected what we think are 30 Cool Typography Examples and we think that they will make your work look simply brilliant. Here you’ll find typography that covers a whole range of style including various awesome examples of colourful typography. As regards the style, well, we have gathered handwriting, retro looking as well as bold or calligraphic examples.

Nowadays, a catchy typography can sell a lot of products who are otherwise maximum decent.  Furthermore, for any designer playing with letters is a great exercise for testing their creativeness. Unfortunately, projects for important companies are mostly rigid in nature, in the sense that they have a certain predefined vision and will be hugely reluctant to creative examples.  So, if you are a creative guy/girl, I would definitely recommend you to try smaller projects.  Although less lucrative, they provide you with more personal satisfaction. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Paul Marcinkowski

Meet Factory

Jan Vranovski; visualscream


The Type Project

Nach Oh


Selected Lettering v.4







Chris Piascik


The Lost Art of Hand Lettering

Chris Yoon


Retro Lezioni



Santiago Wardak


Feel Script banners


Ale Paul


Misteur Valaire / Titles

Nicolas Girard


Various Typography Examples




obama’s speech: a typographic interpretation


Martin Pyper


Quotes -personal project-








The Antidote



Jared Nickerson