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30 Breathtaking Photos From National Geographic’s 2012 Contest

When it comes to nature, places and people photography, National Geographic it’s not just a magazine it’s THE magazine. That’s because each year, here you’ll have the chance to see probably the world’s best photos. In today’s article, you’ll going to view and admire 30 breathtaking photos.

These come from two contests: Traveler, which ended 2 months ago and the 2012 Photo Contest which is in its 6 week. And it will end on 30th of November. So, if you think that you have done some great shots with your camera then you should definitely upload them on NG. Plus, the $10.000 prize should be persuasive enough. Nevertheless, I will now let you enjoy these fantastic images. Therefore, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community.

P.S. You can upload photos for the National Geographic 2012 Photo Contest by clicking here.



 Underwater Surf

Cloudbreak, Fiji, Pacific Ocean
Lucia Griggi


The Godfather

Tosha Namibia
Peter Delaney


Tornado, North Dakota

Mitch Dobrowner


Weedy Seadragon

Flinders Pier, Flinders, Victoria, Australia
Richard Wylie



Salara de Uyuni, Bolivia
Takaki Watanabe


First Flight

Evergaldes National Park
Sandy Flint


In the heat of the moment

Kerry Hutchinson
Hampshire, Southern England


Wild Horses, France

Marco Carmassi


Green Sea Turtle, Red Sea

Dmitry Marchenko


Children at Play

Huzzatul Mursalin


The Explosion!

Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand
Ashley Vincent


Garnet Lake, California

Peter Essick


The Wave

North Coyote Buttes, Arizona, USA
Miriam Perritt


Predation up close and personal

Komodo, Indonesia
Fransisca Harlijanto


Canyon, Zion National Park

Peter Scifres



What’s up

South Georgia Island
Barbara Engel

Elephant Trio, Namibia

Susan MCconnell
Etosha National Park, Namibia



Stacked Supercell with Lightning

Nebraska, USA
Jennifer Brindley


Lions and Cubs, Kenya

Brandon Harris


Swimming in the Rain

Camila Massu



The Ride

Santa Teresa
Peter Caroll

Snake River Headwaters, Wyoming

Michael Melford


Dreaming of catching the big one

Galapagos Islands
Matthew Colucci


Spring Stream, Finland

Kyle Ueckermann



Crocodile, Australia

Florian Haid


Desert Rivers, Mexico

Adriana Franco



Sand Spirit

Matt Walker
Upper Antelope Canyon



Giant Marbles

Koekohe Beach, South Island, New Zealand



Fishermans in the fog

Philippe Cap


Leissigen, Switzerland
Mark Timmermans