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25 Superb WordPress Premium Themes To Get Inspired From


In this article I have gathered 25 Stunning and Elegant WordPress Themes that I think you might and should be interested in seeing!  These are highly professional and need no design adjustments. Furthermore, if you are looking to buy one, I must say that you’ll find them on the ultra-know Theme Forest.  Just enter the name of the theme and you’ll get all the details that you’re interested in.

Ok, let’s now talk about the designs and the target. These themes cover an impressive range of spheres of business. From photography, e-commerce, fashion online stores to online news magazines, multimedia or simply video content. The designs are predominantly black, minimalistic and have a professional look.  Putted in other words, there is enough for each ones taste. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many Thanks! Cheers!

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King Size



“King Size is designed with photographers in mind. Its most  prominent feature is the very large background image that the theme allows you to easily place on your homepage. Provided with powerful features that allow you to manage galleries in sophisticated ways, this theme is ideal for those who have photographic or other image content to share online. The theme doesn’t stop with image content, however, it has all of the features that you would expect in a WordPress 3.0 theme, including features that allow users to make comments and to participate in discussions on your blog.”





“The Portfolio WordPress theme offers a way to create a professional site for your work without having it designed from scratch. The theme follows the conventions of most portfolio sites but, like all Organic Themes offerings, it is minimalist in the way it is put together and allows for heavy customization without much effort. The theme also offers several conveniences that should be of interest to anyone who wants a site where they can show off their visual work.”





“For visual artists or for bloggers who tend toward a lot of image content, presentation is everything. The Landscape theme by StudioPress allows you to get your best face right in front of the viewer. This theme’s defining feature is the large image that occupies the most prominent place on the homepage. If you want to get readers interested in your site with images, this is the theme to do it with.”





“The Magazinum theme is designed for online news magazines. To  that end, it has several features that will be important to those who operate such sites, as well as design considerations that make it ideally suited to the task. This theme features an eye-catching black top and white bottom design, with the colors being divided between the featured content area and the homepage articles.”







The Structure theme comes in a free and paid version, but WordPress 3.0 users will need the professional version. This version, however, comes with a lot of features and it comes with full support from Organic Themes, which means that it’s more suitable for professional users or bloggers who take their site seriously. This theme has a host of features that make it easy to manage and easy to update.”






“Artboard is designed for the professional visual artists out there. This theme has plenty of powerful features and, if you’re in the market for something that can provide a great, full-screen display of your work, you may need look no further than this option. It’s powerful and practical. It comes with features such as sliders and compatibility with mobile devices built into it, so you can get to the business of sharing your work and quit worrying about having to take care of the design of your site on your own. If you’re a professional, this is a great design tool to have around.”






“Echea is designed for professional users. This theme would be ideal for corporate sites that need a lot of customization. Because of the extensive capacity where customizations are concerned, it would also be an ideal choice for designers that need a theme to work with that can be adapted to the needs of several different clients. Some of its features make it particularly well suited for this use.”






“Just as the name implies, Videoline offers a lot for those who want a site that features a great deal of multimedia content. The theme has a very professional design, with clean lines and razor-sharp fonts that make it easy on the eyes. The professional design also has the effect of making it much easier for users to pay attention to the content without being distracted by the site itself.”






“Renaissance is a theme for photographers. It’s a professional theme but that shouldn’t keep people who are running their own site—even if it’s just for fun—from taking a look. This is built in a way that it’s very easy to use, so those users that want to make something truly innovative and professional for their photographs without paying a professional designer to do it will likely find a lot that they’ll be interested in with Renaissance.”



Video Blogger



“VideoBlogger is exactly what the name implies. If you run a blog that has a great deal of video content on it, this theme can provide you with a good way to display it all without clutter. The theme includes features that make it easy to change the layout however you’d like. The theme is also coded so that it displays correctly in everyone’s browser.”



Adam Smith WordPress


“The Adam Smith WordPress theme offers an option for those who have an interest in building sites based around movies and other entertainment, people who need a portfolio or any other application that requires bold images. It has plenty of space on the homepage to show off images and other content so that your viewers can see your content or that they’ve arrived at a place that has all of the information they want on the most current items of interest. This theme would prove suitable for somebody who was creating a site like this for personal use or for a business. It can also serve as a portfolio site, given the interesting way in which images are arranged on the homepage.”



London Creative theme



“The London Creative theme from ThemeForest is based around its powerful administration features. The theme’s control panel is stylish, easy to read and easy to use. You’ll have no trouble configuring the sophisticated features on this site and they are numerous. There are plenty of ways to display your content with this theme and all of them are attractive and modern.”



Studio Box



“The Studio Box theme from ThemeForest literally provides a professional website in a box. You can change it in the most significant ways from admin panels and you don’t have to understand CSS or HTML to do it. You can also take advantage of some very interesting features that allow you to present your content in the most striking ways imaginable.”


The eStore



“The eStore theme offers exactly what the name implies. The theme is designed to be ecommerce ready, providing an easy way to get a store up and running in a short amount of time. This theme also has monetizing features, such as advertising management, built-into the theme. The design, however, is centered on advertising the goods hosted on the site, which makes it an ideal choice for those getting up and running with their online stores.”



The Agency


“Minimalistic, professional and easy to use, the Agency WordPress theme by ThemeForest is designed with professionals in mind. The theme opens up with a bold image area where you can feature your most important content right in front of the viewer. Scroll down and you’ll see your content in a magazine layout that offers plenty of room to get your information on the page without crowding any of the screen space at all.





“The Unite theme makes a lot of administration tasks very easy. Substantial changes can be made to the site by changing a few options in the admin panel. You can also set up pages for specific purposes, such as for portfolios, without having to change any of the code on the site. This theme is ideal for business bloggers or for those who run personal sites that thrive on being professional.”





“The Dynamix theme lives up to its name. Like most of ThemeForest’s best sellers, this theme has a lot of convenience features that make it easy to customize. It does go a bit farther in that regard than most themes, however, and it makes it very easy to change the look of the site altogether.”




“The NewsCast WordPress theme is one of the many on the market designed for news sites, but it has a twist. This theme has four separate looks that you can choose from with the control panel features. This means that the site is appropriate for all different types of news sites and that, instead of paying a professional designer to build one of these complex sites from the ground up, you can just use this theme and get yours running as fast as you can populate it with your own content.”



The Iridium



“The Iridium theme is designed to combine style and substance. With plenty of room for content, you won’t run short of space to feature your articles. On the other hand, this theme allows you to add different levels of detail to the visual elements, as well. Very flexible widget positioning is also another option that allows you to customize the theme to your heart’s content. The theme comes with a default black background and with a layout that would be suitable for any site that wants to look modern, innovative and on the cutting edge. The cutting-edge design, however, doesn’t mean that you sacrifice functionality.”




“Meshable makes use of technologies such as JQuery and HTML5 to provide a very powerful package. It has enough features that it would be a suitable choice for professional designers that need a theme from which they can create customized portfolio sites for their clients. For a professional photographer or graphic designer, however, it would also make an excellent choice, due to its many powerful features and ease-of-use in implementing them.”



The Art Gallery


“The Art Gallery WordPress theme can be used to feature image or text content. It provides a portfolio site that’s easy to get up and running and that offers quite a few features that should be of interest to those who are using the theme to promote art that they intend to sell. There’s no need to be a programmer of any sort to use all of the features included in this theme and optimizing your site for the search engines is a task you can handle on your own with this theme”





“The deCondo theme is designed for real estate professionals. The theme allows you to quickly create a site to feature properties in your inventory. Most of the administration tasks are simplified. The major features of this theme are controlled by admin panels. If you know the basics of WordPress, you shouldn’t have any trouble using this theme to create a great image for your properties.”


Editorial Theme


The Editorial theme is designed around the concept of magazine sites. The articles on the homepage have thumbnails and plenty of space set aside for an article summary, an excerpt or a blurb. The theme is also provided with enough space on the front page to feature video content along with the stories.”





“The Contrast theme is designed for visual arts and photography professionals. It’s most striking feature is the fact that it allows you to have image content, video content and even content from mapping services used as backgrounds for the pages. This allows you to create full-screen backgrounds that transform your site in to a functional work of art.”



Fashion Dsgn


“The Fashion Design theme leaves little mystery as to who it’s designed for. With a very bold front-page, features that make showing off your work very easy and the capability to provide an interactive forum where your visitors can comment on your creations and engage in conversations with one another, this theme is ideal for those who are fashion designers or who otherwise work in this industry. As you may expect, the design is very modern, elegant and sophisticated; just what any reputable fashion designer would desire.”