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25 Great Photos for a Wonderful Weekend

We have selected 25 beautiful photos and we think that they will certainly brighten up your weekend. Probably, for most of you who are watching us on a daily basis this article doesn’t come as a surprise. Yes, in 99% of the cases we dedicate Sunday to photography.

Now, below you’ll be seeing at least 10 photos from the National Geographic, but you won’t probably notice the difference between them and the others – high quality is their common ground.  In this selection, animal photography is very well represented, at the expense of landscapes that are underrepresented, if we compare this article with some older ones.  Of course, we didn’t neglect black and white photography which is, I have to admit, a personal favourite of mine. As usual, we have everything for all of you. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Bath Time


Watching Fireflies


Giraffes, Kenya

Diego Arroyo




Peacock Tree Frog


Millennium Bridge, London


Ivanhoe Reservoir, Los Angeles

“In 2007, high levels of bromate—a carcinogen formed when bromide and chlorine react with sunlight—were found in Los Angeles’s Ivanhoe Reservoir. Today three million black plastic balls help deflect UV rays.”


Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

Dafna Ben Nun


UD4: ¡Que te como!

Parra Lujan


Main Street, The University of Tokyo

Nyo Takanyo


Bel Avenir

Santiago Vellini


The Attic




Chia bay





Raymond Tzul


Ice Canyon, Greenland

James Balog



Tuscany, Italy


Ice Canopy, Japan

Brian Skerry




Just a view

Alexander Matt



Roger T Wong