We’ve managed to find 25 Cool & Revolutionary Mouse Designs and we think that you definetly enjoy viewing this collection. If you’re bored with your current mouse or simple think that you deserve a new “challenge”, then you’re in the right place.  These babies below will seduce you and play you like a dummy. Most of them can be bought on Amazon.

Furthermore, Microsoft and Logitech are clearly in pole position as they’ve created some of the most cool mouse designs that I’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t neglect Eclipse’s or Razer ‘s awesome mouse designs. If you’re a little snobbish you might thinking of buying a Swarowski mouse, which as you’ll see has a big red Swarowski crystal, right next where your forefinger should stand. Probably in some lonely moments its useful. However, some of these creative mouse designs are concepts and aren’t for selling. I hope that you’ll not be that unlucky. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse


Logitech Touch Mouse

 Swarowski Mouse


Logitech MX Air



 Fortune Mouse



Razer Chrome Edition Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Mouse



Microsoft Express Mouse




Microsoft Evouse


Sony VGP-BMS80 Bluetooth Laser Mouse


USB Aircraft Mouse


Microsoft’s Arc Touch




Kensington SlimBlade K72334US Mouse


3D connexion SpaceExplorer 3D Navigation Device with USB Interface



Jellyclick Mouse


Zero Computer Mouse






Microsoft 3KJ-00001 Wireless Optical Mouse



Jelfin Mouse


Microsoft Arc Mouse II


fancy mouse concepts

Lihet Calin


Handshoe Mouse



Memory Mouse


Eclipse Touch Mouse