It’s Sunday and that means that we’ve gathered 25 Beautiful Photos and we think that they should receive a big like from you as they are simply wonderful. Well, I hope that you like landscape photography because you’ll be seeing a lot of it here. Moreover, trust me, postcard printing will sound like a great idea after you’ll finish viewing all of them.

“A good photographer must love life, more than he does photography.” said Joel Strasser (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s an important contemporary photographer). And probably the best way to combine life, love and photography is by taking shots of the nature’s wonderful feast. And below, you’ll see some wonderful examples that illustrate Joel’s wise words. Nevertheless, I hope that you will enjoy, be inspired and share this article with your community or friends! Many thanks! Cheers!


i don’t want to be a grown up anymore






Hunter Rango



Childhood Running #9






Glacier Drive



Sunset Over Victoria Harbour



The One



Hidden Paradise



Looking at the bright side






Ha Giang mountain range












Three Sunshine



Arctic Terns II



New Day, New Dawn, New Life

Profiles of light



Wave Action



A (brief) Moment of Quietness



Arctic Rorbu



Snowy Egret



november fog