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25 Beautiful Photos For a Relaxing Day

We have selected 25 photos and we think that they will have a relaxing effect on you. Ansel Adams, a famous American photograph once famously said:  “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” For every rookie photographer who wants to level up to professional, that quote should definitely be their creed. The reason for that is because being a photographer means more than taking a picture; it’s being able to express your own unique view of the world through photography.

And, these guys below had tried and some of them succeeded in showing us a part of their worries, thoughts and vision.  Gulcan Sagir, with his “Time goes by…” photo is probably the best for expressing what I have already told you. Nevertheless, you’ll see some great beautiful photography that includes nature, architecture, landscapes as well as black and white photography. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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time goes by…

Gulcan Sagir


Along a country road

Jim Cumming


My little planet 2

Vincent Bourrut


Water splash

Ali Osman K


Shipwreck Zakynthos (Island in Greece)

Haris Vithoulkas


Wavy Details


 Golden Pheasant

Michael Oberman


Green rocks world

Jorge Maia


the last minute

Jemmy Oentu


 Adirondack Lilies

Jaime Martorano


Festival of Colors – Holi

Mehedi Rahman


Lemon splash from top

Martin Cauchon


Mount Rundle Morning

Jeff Clow


The Vatican Staircase




Tobias Richter


The pier and the garbage can

Max Tuta Noronha


The First Snow

Daniel Rericha



Raymond Larose


Snow 2

Alexey Rumin



Max Tuta Noronha



Aubrey Stoll


Aqueduct for dislikers

Rilind H


In my dreams

Ozer Erdogan


Summertime …


Cannon Beach

Antoine Berger