I have prepared a collection of 25 Cool & Awesome Bag Prints that I think you should see because it will certainly enhance your creativity. The overwhelming majority of bags are made of paper or textile (cotton), although 2 examples are made of plastic.

If you are a typography lover, you’ll easily remark that the letter design on some of the bags is simply outstanding and you should definitely take a careful look. I urge you to see State of the Obvious and Plastic Is Not Fantastic. Nevertheless, if you would prefer something more artistic instead, you should take a look at The School of Visual Arts Tote Bag Design and Bag Designs. Of course, there is a lot of eye-candy design for everybody. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like what you’ll see, then please share this article with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!


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Guzman Y Gomez



 Plastic is not fantastic




La Fromagerie




State of the Obvious





Golf GTI Bag




Market Grown




Folter deze Ganz



Design shop



Houdini’s Shop of Magic Tricks Shopping Bag




Dude, you got my hair



Pick Two











I wonder if you can personalize it… 🙂



Bags & Walls










The School of Visual Arts Tote Bag Design