We looked way back in time and we managed to gather 21 Cool Vintage Cartoon Posters. These cover the era when Walt Disney unique style of drawing was a magnet for millions of children.  To be more specific, the oldest poster to feature here is from 1929 (Mickey Mouse- Wild Waves), whereas the newest is from 1954 (Donald Duck).

Therefore, what you’ll see below are the cartoons of our grandparents or even grand grand parents. However, call me a nostalgic but I believe that the cartoons from back then where more attention-grabbing. Also they really had a great story line. Now, in this article we aimed at bringing quality instead of diversity. Hence, the 21 posters come from a core of 10 famous cartoons such as Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto or Goofy. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Handful of Trouble (1931)



Krazy Kat (1932)



 Popeye -Sock-A-Bye, Baby (1934)



Krazy Kat’s Krazy Spooks (1933)



Donald Duck (1954)



Mickey’s Nightmare (1932)



Donald Fauntelroy Duck (1945)



Mickey Mouse – Wild Waves (1929)



Like The Birdies Sing (1934)



I Heard Betty Boop (1933)



 Donald Duck -The Hockey Champ (1939)



Spooks On A Spree (1938)



Donald Duck- Trick or Treat (1952)



Betty Boop  (1930)



Snow White



Ickle Meets Pickle (1942)



Proud Participant (WWII)



Goofy’s At Bat (1942)



Pluto, Rescue Dog (1947)



Mickey Mouse (1930)



Barney Bear (1942)