We have selected 21 Awesome Digital Art Portraits and we think that they will be inspirational for you. Portraits are one of the oldest forms of art, being predominant starting from the Middle Ages and up to the 19th Century. Starting from then, as the Church influence began to diminish, artists where able to use their creativity in any way they wished.

Below, you’ll see some really great digital portraits that depict superheroes such as the Incredible Hulk and Flash, monsters such as Frankenstein or King Kong, imaginary creatures or humans. Therefore, we aimed at diversity and I think that we got it. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Portrait: Monk of Telrena


Anthony Scime



Portrait: Rainy Clown

Michael Kutsche



Portrait: The Flash – Fastest Man Alive


Portrait by Milan Tofel



3D Portrait: Witch Hunter


Alex Stratulat



Portrait: Fulgencius The Wise

Carlos Ortega Elizalde



3D Portrait: Toecutter

Milan Tofel



3D Art: Mime Guy

Jonamar Palejo



Portrait Art: Morning

Nikolay Popov



3D Art: Leprechaun Portrait


Titouan Olive



Portrait Art: Hulk – Closer Look

Damir Martin



Portrait Art: Swiss Female Politician

Fred Bastide



Portrait Art: Blanka

André Holzmeister



Portrait Art: Jack the Ripper

Robin Benes



Portrait Art: Juggernaut

Sven Juhlin



3D Art: Royal Portrait


Carlson Woon



Portrait: Lolita

Sharlene Lin



3D Art: Jester

Raphael Boyon



Portrait: Frankenstein

Anto Juricic



Portrait: King Kong

Wei Lin Ke



Portrait: Fantasy Dreams

Mohsen Fallah