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20 Cool Snowboard Designs (2012 trend)


I have gathered a collection of 20 Cool and Neat Snowboard Designs and I think that these will inspire you in your work. When your first saw this article, you were probably a little skeptical and asked yourself “how can a skateboard design enhance my inspiration?” Well, just take a look at the great typography used or how colours were mixed to form a great unique design! These, I assure you are of great inspiration, especially for those of you who work on projects that involve creating designs that target teens.

This collection includes some great brands such as Never Summer, Forum or Rome. Actually, you will see quite a lot of designs from Rome in this article, simply because they are splendid! Nevertheless, enjoy be inspired and if you will like this post, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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2012 Fastplan 251



Rome 2012 Artifact Rocker Decade Collection 153



Rome 2012 MFR Lo-Fi Rocker 146



Never Summer 2012 Legacy




Ride 2012 Kink 155



Rome 2012 Reverb Rocker 155




Never Summer 2012 Heritage



Crail 161 wide 11/12



Rad Air Tanker 177 11/12




Salomon Idol 152 11/12 Women



Contract Swell 164 11/12



Rome 2012 Garage Rocker 154 Wide


Ride Manic 161 11/12




Völkl Flavor 154 11/12 Women



Endeavor Snowboards Shorty 135 11/12



Contract Code 152 11/12




Forum Rat 150 11/12



Forum Recon 156 11/12



Nitro Blacklight 163 11/12




C11 K2 Protohype 156