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18 Awesome & Super Creative Tin Box Designs

We have gathered 18 Awesome & Super Creative Tin Box Designs and I’m sure that you’re going to love them. Tin boxes are usually seen as the package of the past and in some circumstances this might be true. For instance, in the 50s and 60s, 70% or even 80% of all packages where made of tin.  Nevertheless, although things have changed in the past 2 decades (metal packages have lost an important part of their market share), tin boxes have actually improved in terms of design.

Below, you’ll find some really creative and unique metal boxes that will certainly catch your attention. The range of styles as well as their destination is quite impressive. All the main trends are present in this article. So, I’m sure that it will be very useful to you. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Waldo Trommler Paint



Chocolates with Attitude




Willie’s cacao





Zodiac Tea

Danielle Kroll


Saggez Chocolate



 Belvedere Vodka



Penhaligon’s Christmas Package



Here we grow(OSH)


Thanyaluck Keawkingkeo



HR Personal Business Products

Rebecca Schefkind





Dustin Friesen



Sofi Bath Bombs



Popular Bruketa


Phoenix Botanicals


Phoenix Botanicals



Dawgy Dawg


Rachel Michaud






Chad Smith