Statistics say that 74% of new websites are still being commissioned by clients to web designers and web developers, who do a great job creating professional online platforms – and make heavy use of their coding skills in the process. Yet, the best thing that could possibly happen to a graphic designer is to find the means of creating professional websites single-handedly – as it would be synonymous with creative freedom, and unhindered client-designer communication.


Webydo is the first website building platform to exceed expectations in terms of proficiency and professionalism. The majority of services seem utterly primitive to creative professionals who are accustomed to work with sophisticated tools and achieve superlative results for their contractors. If you know and love Photoshop, you will get along just fine with Webydo – because its advanced design features are inspired from the famous program.

Already more than 92K websites have been created by more than 35K designers around the world, with cross-platform functionality and pixel perfect designs. Whether you start creating websites for free, or sign up for a Premium subscription, all features become immediately available. You need to know, though, that a Premium plan opens up the chance to publish on your own domain, and allows for 2 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and pages – for the annual price of $7.9/month, or $9.9/month biannually.

Here’s an awesome offer for readers: if you move fast, there’s a 69% discount attached to the first year of a Premium subscription, with code NeatDesigns69%VIP.

Getting Started


Design a website on one of the three distinct paths that Webydo lays before you. The choice is yours, depending on the amount of time you’d like to invest in a project, and on whether you’re decidedly inspired – or could make do with a little creative kick to get you going.

1)      Blank Canvas – If you’ve already got a clear idea about what you’re setting out to do, the blank canvas will give you all the space you need, and the means to carve your most amazing designs yet. As you work, remember to employ free web fonts from the huge list that Webydo put together for its users.


2)      Layouts – Webydo places a comprehensive selection of layouts at your service. You need only choose the most optimum basic structure for your project, and go from there: drag-and-drop shapes, images, menus, widgets (even widgets for E-commerce stores), and videos.


3)      Designs – Full-scale designs beg for your attention. These are excellent finished works that you may draw inspiration from, so just scroll through the multitude of flawless samples, and get inspired. Then, launch your own installment: add sophisticated forms, add captions to images, and set elements’ opacity as you please.



Moving past the above-mentioned design tools that would make any designer happy, Webydo has two more attractive features to speak of: the CMS, and B2B. In the first case, a Content Management System enables designers to establish which area of the published website can later on be edited independently by its owner.

Secondly, you may “Bill your client” straight from the Webydo dashboard, which makes it so much easier to keep track of your accounting. On top of everything, you may “Build you brand” – in other words, replace Webydo’s logo with your client’s (on your dashboard, then on the client’s CMS, login screen, and invoice). And to create a responsive website is even easier than before, as Webydo takes care of all the hard lifting for you.

Because this is a platform engineered by designers for other designers’ benefit, your suggestions about bringing any improvement are more than welcome, and can be submitted for voting on the Participate page. Besides, that’s where you can also support other fellow users’ ideas and see them implemented.


Just to remind you, there is a 69% discount for readers with this code – NeatDesigns69%VIP. If you take advantage of this offer while it stands, you can start creating professional websites from a Premium standpoint, and pay next to nothing during the first year. Creative independence has never been more attainable than it is right now, thanks to Webydo!