Top 10 Tablets For Graphic Designers

We’ve selected what we think are Top 10 Tablets for Graphic Designers and I’m sure that this article will be extremely useful. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, we are sure that you’ll find here the tablet that perfectly fits you.

Furthermore, we aimed to cover all spending budgets, so the cheapest tablet that you’ll find here is a Trust Flex UltraThin Design and it costs only $31. On the other side of the price range, for $2600 you’ll get a professional tablet called Wacom Cintiq 24HD Pen Display. Furthermore, most of the models that you’ll see here have been launched in the past 6 months (such as the tablets from Wacom). Nevertheless, please note that the prices and descriptions come from either Amazon or the official websites of the tablets. Now, enjoy and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Trust Flex Ultra Thin Design 6 x 4.6 inch Tablet with Ergonomic Wireless Pen&quo ($31)

Trust has a range of graphics tablet for you with enhancements which allow you to show off your creative  skills and makes it easy for you to use graphical programs. The range of Trust graphic tablets are designed for left and right handed users.

Each  tablet comes with an ergonomic wireless, 3 button stylus pen with 1024 step pressure

Support for many file formats like AWD (Artweaver), BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PNG and PSD (incl. layers):
Transparency, layers and layer groups
Common image editing tools like gradient, crop, fill and selection tools
Many effect filters like sharpen, blur, emboss and mosaic
Expandable by Plug-In modules (Artweaver standard)
Editable text layers
Pen tablet support
History function to undo/redo last editing steps
Support for many languages through language files


Genius G-PEN M712X Tablet ($136.34)


The Genius G-PEN M712X graphics tablet boasts a workingarea of 30.5 x 18.4 cm (wide) or 24.1 x 18.4 cm (standard), and is supplied with a single cordless pen with 1,024 different pressure levels for all sorts of shapes and thickness control. The two scroll wheels make the G-PEN M712X suitable forboth left- and right-handed users, while the 34 shortcut keys give you instantaccess to functions in the software provided.



Wacom Intuos5 Medium A5 Graphics Tablet ($349)

With 48.4 square inches of working area, the medium size of the three Intuos5 touch models is preferred by those who desire ample workspace, yet want a tablet that still fits into most laptop computer bags. The medium size  has eight ExpressKeys, and the same intuitive multi-touch surface as the other sizes of Intuos5 touch.



Wacom Cintiq 24HD Pen Display ($2600)


The Cintiq 24HD sports a generous 24 inch display, large color gamut, and wide viewing angle make it an ideal choice for color-critical work. In addition, the new, adjustable, ergonomic features of the Cintiq 24HD assure hours of comfortable and productive use.

Featuring a 1920 x 1200 HD display with 178° viewing angle and a 16:10 aspect ratio, the Cintiq 24HD lets you see the full beauty of your work. The display can also be color calibrated for color-sensitive workflows.


Aiptek Slim Tablet 600U ($78.31)

One of the slimmest graphic tablets with a thickness of only 5mm:

Working area 10” x 6 ¼” matches with 16:9 widescreen monitor
Tablet resolution 1000 lpi and 1024 levels of high-sensitive pen pressure
Supports 29 macro keys to create hyperlinks of common used programs.



Cintiq 12WX Pen Display ($999)


Thin and light, the new Cintiq 12WX provides the flexibility to work on screen the way you want. Easily rotate the 12.1″ TFT display when working flat on your desktop to find the right position for your hand, or stand the Cintiq 12WX upright on your desktop and adjust the integrated stand to a comfortable angle. With a flexible 6.5′ foot cord, you can even use it on your lap.



Bamboo Create ($199)

Let your imagination soar as you freely and naturally draw, paint, doodle and sketch in your favorite software.  Use software applications like Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, Corel® Painter™ Essentials,  and Autodesk® SketchBook® Express, all included in the box, to explore a variety of digital media, including pencils, pens, markers, chalks, watercolors, oil paints and more.  Your pen gives you the feel of working in natural media. Bamboo Create is perfect for art projects that require a larger digital canvas



Genius F610 6×10 Cordless G-Pen Tablet Hot Keys for MSN ($85)

Office tools, Office applications and Internet hot keys.
2-button pen: 1024 level pressure sensitivity
Hot keys for My document, My picture, MSN, etc.
Pen holder
Hot keys for Flip-3D, Magnifier , Snipping Tool, etc



Aiptek MediaTablet 14000U Graphics Tablet – Digitizer – Includes Photoshop Element 6.0 ($101)

More and more individuals use the tablet to edit their photos professionally and to get maximum precision in image processing. The Aiptek MediaTablet 14000U offers top quality for the beginner, professional and private users. In addition, the tablet is available with the full version of Photoshop Elements 6.0, offering in this way an extensive and powerful image editing package for a low price.
The 14″ MediaTablet 14000U is a professional and ergonomic alternative to the mouse and keyboard on a PC workstation.
The high resolution of 4000 lpi and 1024 pressure levels make the tablet special suitable for the best detailed graphics work.



Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet ($40.70)

The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is the paperless, electronic alternative to memo pads, sketchbooks, sticky  notes and dry erase boards. Write memo’s, leave messages, create To Do lists, draw pictures, jot down idea’s, make quick calculations, play games, keep score, practise handwriting/math – even diagram the winning play!



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  2. Outlier   •  

    This list made me drool. Would be fun to test drive them all.

  3. Jarrod   •  

    ND, Im interested in graphic designs for books on tablets. I want to do my own work for children’s books. What would be the best way to do this?

  4. Patrick   •  

    Great list!
    I was wondering if you had any knowledge of what the best tablets (iPad, notebook, etc) would be for designers…do any support any of the adobe programs and such? Or are there rumors of that option coming soon?

  5. Dani   •  

    I am a senior in high school and i want to be a graphic designer in college how can i improve my graphic design skills, not just at school but also at home?
    what tablet will help me achieve my goal? do you have any advice for younger generations that want a profession in graphic design?

    • Jonathan Dorsey   •  

      Learning the programs is not enough. Spend some time picking up a priciples of design book and actually look at WHAT makes good design and you’ll be way ahead of your classmates.

    • Debra   •  

      Good for you. Actually there are all kinds of tutorials on the internet that can help you continue to learn different tools or how to do a certian skill in graphic design programs. Just type “tutorials for graphic designers” and search for ones you havent achieved yet or that spark your interest and learn those new skills/tools. As far as a tablet goes, wacom bamboo has several different ones at reasonable rates that work with your home computer/laptop. Some of them come with free software also. If you’re in need of the software that graphic designers use, it can be quite expensive. But you can get free trial versions on most of them; like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop-depending on your needs. ALso, Some High Schools offer a program called ADAM that specializes in graphic design and digital media, you can enroll in. Good Luck to you!

  6. Kätrin   •  

    I want to buy a tablet and I prefer the ones that show the drawing on the tablet itself rather than on the computer screen Which ones are the best for that?

  7. Rolando   •  

    I’m really into Graphic design. I’m a Jr at high school and I really want to learn more. I like to make logos and photo-manipulation. Also I want to design my own stuff and make my imagination come to reality. I always use Photoshop and cinema 4d, which tablet do you think is best for me?

  8. Jordan   •  

    Im interested in trying out animation since I draw alot on paper and people say im good. What kind of tablet should I try because I want it cheap but im thinking I want a display since the idea of drawing on the tablet while looking at a monitor sounds weird.

  9. Sasha De Goitia   •  

    Thanks for the info, such a big help. But I wanna ask,
    1. Can I use any of that for fashion illustration, furniture sketching & photo editing?
    2. Is that laptop compatible? I’m using HP Pavilion G6 & Medion E7214. I’m no longer comfortable using PC.
    3. As a starter, I would prefer the cheapest one, which one should I consider?

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  11. rigers   •  

    Wich tablet is the best below 200 $?

  12. Matt   •  

    Just wondering if tablet computers, such as the iPad, have made these separate touch tablets/pens obsolete? I’m interested in using a pen/stylus rather than a mouse for touching up digital photos, but is it worth investing in the bamboo-like tablets today?

  13. Robert Hodgson   •  

    I am about to start at university in six days. I’ve just graduated high school three days ago. I will be majoring in studio arts and minoring in art history for my associates degree. Then i will go on to an Art Institute (MICA) and earn my masters degree in photography. I take my work very seriously and i am considering the purchase of a Wacom Bamboo Create. I need a tablet in the 200-250 dollar price range that can not only can edit well with photoshop but also will utilize my drawing capabilities. Is this tablet capable of producing professional grade images?

    • Robert Hodgson   •  

      *bachelors degree (not my masters sorry about the typo)

  14. Melanie Watters   •  

    I am looking for a tablet for my girlfriend, but I want one that doesn’t require a computer, with a decent size screen, but not too pricey. I’m looking to spend around $1000. Please help! I don’t know a lot about any of this

    • Bobby Joe   •  

      I think you are in the wrong place. These tablets are for graphic designing. If you want one without a computer monitor then I’m guessing you are looking for an iPad, or some other entertainment tablet.

  15. Sandy   •  

    I am a Fine artist and I have a wacom pad but it has taken a beating and I think its time for a new one…I specialized in drawing so line and movement is very important, the tracking must be spot on and pressure sensitive . What would you recommend?
    Any answer would be much appreciated .

    Regards Sandy

  16. Makayla   •  

    I was wondering witch one would be to draw anime characters. See the job want is to make anime series. So can you help me?

    • Dawn   •  

      You should look at the wacom manga tablet. The manga is a avatar’s/anime comic style software program. It Is $96.00, I am going to get this from my boyfriend as a Xmas gift. I am a junior in college. My degree is network administration but i have always been an artist at heart. I am going for a minor in graphic design, also taking classes on mobile development. So this tablet will really come in handy for me. I can’t wait to use it!

  17. Ananda   •  

    I am a marketing student and been designing a lot of logos, ads, etc. I want to invest on a Wacom (or similar) but have no idea what to get. My budget is limited ($200 max). I would like something I could precisely draw on.
    Any websites with recommendations for beginners would also be much appreciated.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Andre frierson   •  

      Research the Yiynova msp19u. Excellent tablet for around 550.00. I was looking into the cintiq 13hd. Wacom is just plain pricey. The Yiynova is going to hit you for at least 550.0 U.S.C

  18. sheyla ruiz   •  

    Hi! I would like to know which drawing tablet besides the wacom cintiq, has 3D features and probably doesn’t cost as much. I know the 3D feature costs a lot but i just want to know your opinion. Please and thank you!

  19. Broacher   •  

    If you are after portable, untethered digital sketching, you’re overlooking two big options: used tablet pc’s and Samsung Galaxy tablets. Both offer pressure sensitive Wacom stylus-on-screen technology at a fraction of the price of a Cintique. Android’s best sketching app is probably Autdesk’s Sketchbook, which works great — but there’s not much beyond that (I even use Sketchbook on my Samsung Note as a truly pocket digital sketch pad). The tablet pc’s with Wacom pens are all Windows machines. This means you can run a much broader range of apps like Adobe CS etc. — depending on what you find. I started at the low-end and found a used Toshiba Protege 200 for $150 locally. Big, beautiful high rez screen with Wacom stylus. Added a bigger drive and maxed out the RAM. This 9 year old, beaten up Windows machine still draws a crowd in a room full a iPads and skinny MacBooks whenever I pull out the stylus and start drawing or sketching. Battery life is not as good as new machines, but the experience of drawing on the screen itself without cords is something worth experiencing.

    Do your homework before you buy, and be prepared for some learning speed bumps in getting these machines working to your liking. Most of the older models were purchased by business people and medical staff etc. who needed a ‘form-filling’ portable unit — few if any original tablet pc buyers bought them for graphic work. But that’s why they’re such an affordable deal for those out of the budget range of Cintiqs and such. Good luck!

  20. pete barcenez   •  

    what is the best monitor to buy, (like the wacom cintiq 24HD) but for less money? I want to draw directly on the monitor and edit photos and use stylus pens in Illustrator, flash, etc.

    I have looked into the viewsonic 2220 for around $300, but not sure. Any feedback. Please send a response to the email. thanks.

  21. pooja   •  

    hi I am learning graphic designing whcih wacom product would b suitable for me as a beginner.. please guide.

  22. Ryan   •  

    I’ve been looking to buy the new Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. After reading this post, I’m wondering. How well its pen and art capabilities compare with these. Any thoughts?

  23. beatrys   •  

    hi, I am interested in a table top tabled (about 900 mm x 900 mm) to record brainstorming sessions by a few people. should be able to use more than one stilus. also would be really nice if one has software that can identify writing and structure such as boxes and lines.

  24. martha   •  

    I bought a Wacom tablet (one of the earliest versions) to start out- however i found it a bit weird not seeing what i was sketching on the tablet itself. I’m currently looking into getting another tablet that will allow me to do so- thank you for the informative article.

  25. yup   •  

    I am interested in drawing with computer, illustrator and photoshop and got a wacom tablet from a friend to start with. However, I would like to invest in something I can see what I am drawing. Cintiq 13 is quite the size i wanted but it is not something i can use on its own. I need a computer to link with it, so kinda silly. I wonder if any of the touch screen laptop can be as good as a cintiq ? any idea if i can use a stylus on a touchscreen ? The sensitivity of a touchscreem laptop compared to cintiq ?

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  27. Summer   •  

    hi! I’m just starting doing graphic design more as a hobby than anything else and I’d like to know which of these would you recommend for a beginner like me.

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