This article is about the principles that you need to respect in order to create a logo that will bring you value. As most of you probably noticed, in recent years we have seen a great expansion in the ranks of freelance designers. That means first of all a lot more competition! Happily, they are not all good, some even lack a common sense “skill” such as taste (hard to define, but anyone knows what I mean by that).  Another problem is what I call a “sophistication” of the logo and by that I mean that nowadays designers are trying to create complex logos, most of them being as a result confusing and illegible (the best example here is the 2012 London Olympic Games).

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Well, if you think that colour and complexity are today’s and tomorrow trends, I must disappoint you- the best logos that are (not yet) designed are those that respect David Aireys’s 7 principles:


1)Keep it simple

I know that everyone thinks of a complex solution for a problem that it’s quite easy to solve. Its human nature, so don’t worry! But in order to design the right logo, you need to stick to simplicity, because it provides your logo with versatility. Thus, the design could be easily used on various media such as billboards, business cards, badges and so on.


2)Make it relevant

Here appropriateness is the key word. Accordingly, your logo should take into account the industry in which the company operates in. This means a lot of research and analysis, but even if that sounds dull, it will certainly give you a cutting edge (for a more comprehensive reading click here).


3)Incorporate tradition

As David Airey’s puts it „when it comes to logo design and brand identity, it’s best to leave the trends to the fashion industry“. When you create a logo, you need to bear in mind that it should be a long-term one, such as the Coca-Cola’s identity which remained almost intact for the past 110 years.


Source: best-ad-blogspot

4)Aim for distinction

As contrary to the popular belief, using black and white could help you create a more distinctive logo than using colour. Thus, a great design is really brilliant when the costumers of that brand recognize it only by looking at its shape.

5)Commit to memory

A logo should be created in such a way that it sticks instantly into the mind of the viewer.


6)Think small

You need to consider that fact that your logo might be used on smaller items such as clothing labels or pens.

7)Focus on one think

You don’t need to create a logo that has more than one distinctive feature. The reason is simple: No one will have the time or the patience to examine a design. Thus, your logo should be created in such a way that shouldn’t make the viewers raise their eyebrows(if you know what I mean).


Well, I hope that this was a useful guide, that will help you in making the right decisions, next time you start designing a new logo.

References:  David Airey, Logo Design Love, New Riders, 2010.


“David Airey is Self-employed since 2005 and has amassed an impressive global client list, including the likes of Yellow PagesTM (Canada), Giacom (England), and Berthier Associates (Japan).”