Some of our photography posts included famous quotes from Ansel Adams. Therefore, we thought that it’s now the time for you guys to take a look at his fabulous work.

For those of you who never heard of him, Ansel was born at the turn of the last century, in 1902. Although his name sounds more like Irish, he is a San Franciscan (neat name for a person living in San Franscisco, right?).

He is often recalled as the pioneer of nature photography (at least in the US) and most of his impressive work was done in the 1940s. Church, Taos Puebla (1942) or McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park (142) are amongst his most well knowing work. For his groundbreaking work he has received two Doctorate of Arts from (just) Harvard and Yale.

Today, his photos are sold for prices that range $50.000 – $80.000. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!



McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park



Acoma Pueblo



Boulder Dam



Canyon de Chelly



In Glacier National Park



Saguaros, Saguaro National Monument


Mt. Moran and Jackson Lake from Signal Hill


Church, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1942



Fountain Geyser Pool, Yellowstone National Park



Roaring Mountain, Yellowstone National Park



Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park



Rocky Mountain National Park. Never Summer Range

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico


Church, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1941



Tetons and Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming



Trees and Snow, 1933



Sentinel Dome


Mckinley Mountain



Sand Dunes, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, c. 1942



Sierra Nevada, California, USA, July 1940






The Rose



Ansel Adams, photographing in Yosemite National Park in 1942