As a web designer you have many opportunities to increase your income and have a little extra besides the money that comes out of the salary or the projects that you work on. You can write code snippets that you can sell easily, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, site templates and, why not, email templates. The niche of email templates hasn’t been developed much in the past but it now starts to put its wheels in motion and there’s no bigger regret than catching the wave so you should give it a try.

The service that I want to tell you about today, and which amazed me with its features for designers, is called Stamplia that helps you as a web designer to increase your revenue.



So, what about it?

What should be interesting to everybody is that this is the first dedicated marketplace for email templates which wants to put contributors in a direct relation with their clients. It was time for beautiful email templates to be a regular thing and I’m happy that these people have started this project.


On the site you will find a good selection of HTML email templates categorized in transactional emails, newsletters or online registration forms. The people behind Stamplia are very serious about what they are doing and they verify thoroughly every submitted template to make sure that they are top quality.

Why email

Although there is now social media and there are multiple channels where you can deliver your marketing and promotional strategies, email has never failed and has always delivered what was expected. It is an important way of handling your potential customers and treating them with a nice design is one part of the process.


What I find really useful is that Stamplia enables clients to optimize their campaigns and increase profitability by offering only the templates that have been tested and are sure to deliver a positive impact.



Designers, gather around for this

Enough with the part about internet marketing and the importance of email. You, as designers, are interested how you can increase your revenue, probably this is the mail reason you are reading this article. For every submitted newsletter template that you submit in their marketplace they are offering $50 and besides this you also get a huge commission of 60% for every sale.


This is even more lucrative than you think. As a contributor, you can submit as many templates as you would possibly want. There isn’t a limit of submissions meaning that there isn’t a limit of payments that you can receive. Even if they are at the beginning with this, the paid till now over $10.000 for newsletters submitted by designers. This is a big project and if you know you are good enough to make well designed email templates, then you are good enough to make some cash.

Those who are selling themes in various marketplaces have discovered that this is more rewarding than making a single design to a client. Instead of earning $500 from a single client, you can earn a few thousands from a marketplace like Stamplia.