In the stock image world there’s often a pick two triangle formed by high quality, relevancy and decent prices. “You can’t have all the three”, they say. “No microstock company has it and it will be virtually impossible”.

However, during my projects I have searched like a nutter and tried different services from companies that had 20 million stocks in their database to agencies that had only 0.5 million. They didn’t disappoint me, but I felt that there’s always room for improvement.

Then I came across and my first reaction was “This interface looks good and simple to use”. So I start digging more, looking into their quality, prices, contributors, you know all that sort of stuff that any designer is interested to find out.

The first interesting thing that I found was during the purchase. You don’t need registration.  At the checkout they will ask you for some minimal data in order to create your account, but that’s it. You don’t need to switch back and forth, confirming accounts, emails etc. That’s a good thing; I appreciate their speeding up of the whole process.

Next, looking at their quality and relevancy I have to say that I was surprised to find out that sometimes I found their stock photos even better looking and more relevant than those that you’ll find on bigger agencies. Although their database in only 2.3 million “strong”, you won’t see crappy images here. Furthermore, sizes range from 0.1 mega-pixels to 20 mega-pixels.

As regarding prices, although is fair to say that there aren’t the best that you’ll find on the market, they are close, very close. Therefore, the price gap is insignificant and it’s compensated by relevancy and high quality images.




Finally, looking at their contributors, I saw some really famous names such as Cathy Yeulet and Yuri Arcus. Then I looked at the royalties rates and I was extremely surprised to see that Stockfresh pays you between 50% and 62.5% when one of your photos is sold. Well, that’s huge and I never seen anything like this on any other agency.

Overall, I think that you should give Stockfresh a shot, buy images from them because they’re worth the money. Nevertheless, below you’ll find a selection of some interesting stocks from their database.


choosing from images stream


3stock image


Show Time (Concert)



Miniature chaotic urban planet isolated



Human brain and colorful question mark



Futuristic Digital Age TV and Channels Background