Sam Smith is certainly a top talented young design artist who approaches his projects from a pop art perspective. Nevertheless, as you will notice his portfolio includes a non negligible part of design proposals that utilize modern approaches. His campaign for The Body Shop, where he associates the image of the brand (Pioneering beauty since 1976) with famous people such as Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton or Neil Armstrong is certainly bold and should enjoy our attention. As regarding his other major work, H. Samuel Jewellery, Sam Smith has shown that he is versatile artist capable of switching styles when required. Thus, you will see a very creative and catchy perspective. Now, I invite to enjoy his work! Therefore, be inspired and if you will like what you’ll visualize than please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks!

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The Body Shop





“Maverick, honest, cheeky, challenging and unique. Challenged to create an unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop, which reinstate it’s position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty. This campaign links The Body Shops ethical beauty range back to pioneering moments throughout history. The montage of images moves away from typical beauty communications and demonstrates The Body Shops ‘Activating self-esteem’ brand value.”



H Samuel Jewellery


“Received 2010 YCN Commendation The YCN Brief – to encourage 18- 30 year olds to use H.Samuel. The running theme through this body of work is that the viewer can’t take their eyes off the product (H.Samuel jewellery). The advertising campaign also plays on the fact that all the jewellery in H.Samuel shops is behind glass. The campaign can be applied to many areas for example on this image where faces that are amazed at what’s behind the glass are pressed up against the window on the back of a bus (where young people often sit).



” Received 2010 YCN Commendation This shows how the public can interact with the campaign, with a dotted outline of a face with jewellery applied to it. So when someone stands behind the outline it looks as though they are wearing H.Samuel jewellery.”


“Received 2010 YCN Commendation This image shows how the campaign could be applied to print.”