When faced with the hard decision of having to choose between two similar products, but never had the chance to try either one of them, the very exigent buyer will always choose the one that looks better, that has a more colourful package, the one with a bold advertisement campaign or the one with a funny package shape. Whether facing to buy beer or canned soup or the very hard decision of purchasing water, the customer will pick up the one with the most attractive package and put it in his/hers shopping basket.

So, we hope you will enjoy our very various package designs that we have picked up for you today and remember that to design a very unique and ‘stand out of the crowd’ package is truly a form of art. And aren’t we all big art fans?! Therefore, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Student Spotlight:Gaga Tea


Nathalie Hallman


Naked Beer

Timur Salikhov

 Heineken Beer Concept

Petit Romaine


Boris Ice Tea



Student Work: Miriam Altamira




Fire fighter Vodka

Timur Salikhov



Stickman Design

C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey


Trevor Rogers


Stafidenios Raisins


Matadog Design


Fuller’s Black Cab Stout

Ninety Three Designs


Campbell’s Limited Edition: Andy Warhol(50 years)





Chromjuwelen Motor Öl




Redheads Studio Wines



Twin Wave Snack Kit

Sharon Hsiao